Monday, February 14, 2011


Homeopathy is a great for many ailments.  I've used Nux Vomica for headaches and upset stomachs, Pulsatilla for congestion, Thuja for vaccine detox, Belladonna for fevers, Rhus-Tox for joint pain, Aconitum Napellus for anxiety, all with great success.  Homeopathy does not interfere with any prescription drugs but unfortunately it prescription drugs, acid in coffee, and strong herbs such as peppermint or winter mint (found in toothpaste) can neutralize the remedy.  So when taking homeopathic remedies, you want to take it as far away from this items as possible.  The cleaner your system the better.  You also want to take remedies at least 30 minutes after and before eating or drinking including water.  The pellets must go into the remedy cap and directly into your mouth to dissolve.  It should not touch anything. 

A good article today on homeopathic remedies is at Natural News link below:

Happy Valentine's Day!  If you eat too much chocolate, try a Nux Vomica.

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