Wednesday, March 23, 2011

GMO - The Fight for Truth-In-Labeling

Did you know that 91% of soybeans, 88% of cotton, and 75% of corn, and 99% of canola oil is genetically modified? These products include anything made with them. Soy and corn are in most processed foods. Even if farmers have a loss due to growing these soy and corn, they are subsidized by the U.S. government to cover their losses. Due to these government policies, we have an abundance of these “cheap” products. Because they are cheap, manufacturers look for ways to replace more expensive healthier alternatives with soy and corn products.

Some genetically modified soy products include soy protein isolate soy flour, and soymeal. Even foods considered healthy such as tofu, tempeh, soy milk, and soy meats have genetically modified soy unless labeled organic or specified otherwise (if you can believe the manufacturer). Some corn products include corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, corn starch, cornmeal, and corn flour. Again, unless you buy products with corn labeled organic, you are likely eating genetically modified foods. The same is true with canola and cottonseed oils.

What’s so bad about genetically modified ingredients in your food? Nothing, if you want your family to be involved in the largest human lab experiment since Agent Orange. There are many risks to your health with genetically modified organisms. I don't know about you, but I don't want my family involved unknowingly in this mass experiment.  Below is a short list of results from GM experiments.  For a more complete list with explanations, go to, click on Genetic Roulette and then click on Health Risks of GM Foods: Summary and Debate (left column). 

  • Rats Fed GMO Tomatoes got bleeding stomachs, several died
  • Rats Fed Bt Corn had multiple health problems
  • Mice Fed GM Bt Potatoes had intestinal damage
  • Workers exposed to Bt cotton developed allergies
  • Sheep died after grazing in Bt cotton fields
  • Twelve cows in Germany died mysteriously when fed Bt corn
  • Mice fed Roundup Ready soy had liver cell problems
  • Mice fed Roundup Ready soy had problems with the pancreas
  • Soy allergies skyrocketed in the UK, soon after GM soy was introduced

Another problem with GM crops is the cross contamination to non-GM crops. The more we allow GM crops to be grown, the less likely we will have a any food choices at all in a couple of decades. We will all be eating GM crops and organic produce will be extinct. We need to all fight for truth-in-labeling. We deserve to know if a product we buy has been genetically engineered. In polls, most Americans stated they would not buy GM products if they knew and that is why Monsanto (the leader in GM crops) is doing everything in their power to stop truth-in labeling.  Please watch the following video.  It is only 5 minutes.

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