Monday, March 21, 2011

More on the Macrobiotic Diet

The macrobiotic diet mainly consists of whole grains, beans, sea vegetables, vegetables, fish (excluding shell fish), soy products including tempeh and tofu, and miso.  The macrobiotic diet is also called "The Cancer Prevention Diet" with a book of the same title.  (You can find the book and a description in the Health and Fitness Cafe Store link to the right.)  There are testimonies of people who have reversed their death sentence given by their doctor by going on the macrobiotic diet.  Unfortunately for many, there are probably more who did not make it.  Most people, unfortunately, turn to macrobiotics when all hope of conventional methods are gone.  For many, it is already too late.   Macrobiotics  is more of a way of life than a diet.  Eating in season and locally is as important as what you eat.  For instance, tropical fruit like bananas and papaya are not allowed if you do not live in a tropical climate and these fruits cannot grow in your location.  Macrobiotics is also about getting out in the fresh air every day, limiting the amount of radiation in your environment (less television watching and no microwave use), getting enough sleep, getting enough natural exercise such as walking, house cleaning (instead of going to the gym and paying someone else). 

As I mentioned in my last posting, the macrobiotic diet helps rid the body of radiation, so it wouldn't hurt to incorporate aspects of the macrobiotic lifestyle into our own lifes.   My family does not follow the macrobiotic diet 100% but utilize many aspects.  We eat brown rice and other whole grains regularly.  We eat miso soup with seaweed and shiitake mushrooms regularly, especially in the winter.  We eat tofu about once a week by either adding it to stir-fry or make scrambled tofu.  Stimulants are not approved in the macrobiotic diet.  Stimulants are not approved for obvious reasons.  We should rest when we need rest and not artificially stimulate our bodies.  For other reasons to eliminate coffee from your diet, see my posting on "7 Reasons to Stop Drinking Coffee" . Green, twig, kukicha, and bancha tea are approved by macrobiotics for their antioxidants.  These teas have caffeine but at a much lower level than coffee and black teas.  

Dairy is also not allowed in the macrobiotic diet.  That being said, we eat plain organic yogurt and parmesan cheese on pasta.  We do not eat other cheeses or drink milk so compared to the average American, our diet is low in dairy.  Dairy is congesting and many people are lactose intolerant.  Individuals with frequent colds and congestion problems (nose stuffed, frequent ear infections, mucus in lungs, etc.) should stop all dairy products and see if their conditions improve. When I start to feel ill, the first thing I do is eliminate all dairy. Dairy consumption has also been linked to breast cancer in woman and prostate cancer in men.  This linkage may be due to the significant increase in hormones in dairy since the 1980s.  So, if you must have dairy, do yourself a favor and buy organic.  If you don't want to pay for organic, then watch the video in my posting titled "Toxic Milk and Udder Pus" (  You will change your mind.  
The Kushi Institute in western Massachusetts is the home of the macrobiotics.  You can google them at for more information. 

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