Friday, April 29, 2011

Eliminate the Guest Bedroom and Save Money

How many people have a guest bedroom and rarely use it? If you have guests on a monthly basis, the guest bedroom is worth keeping, otherwise, if you are like me, you have guests once a year or less. Last year I changed all that.  My guest bedroom had a twin bed, night stand, and television.  I took the bed out of the guest room. The bed is now in the living room converted to a day bed. I know, I know. Not the best place but fine. I took the two rarely used winged-backed chairs from the living room and put them in the guest bedroom. In between these two chairs, I put a rarely used small round table (36" diameter) that was also from the living room. I then took a bookcase that was in the family room with books I use frequently for research and put it in the guest room.  I put my laptop on the round table and printer on the nightstand. The bedroom closet I use for office supplies. Voila! I have an office without spending a cent. Instead of sitting at the kitchen table and having to put my laptop away every day, I now have a quiet area to work. In addition, my daughter and I can use the room to watch movies on the weekend.  That TV is not hooked up to cable or have an antenna.  While I'm working, I do not want to be temped to turn on the television.  Do I treat my guests well or what? Where will my infrequent guests sleep now? Options include on the day bed, in my daughters room (she can use the day bed) or in the guest room on an inflatable mattress if they want more privacy.

So if you have an infrequently used guest room, exercise room, or office for that matter, I challenge you to convert to a space you will use. Other options for the extra room also include a peaceful sanctuary for quiet time, meditation, yoga or reading. Just make sure it will be a room you will use frequently, otherwise you are back to square one. Do you have rooms not utilized at all? If the answer is yes, it might be time to sell that big house and buy a smaller one. You will not only save money buying a smaller house but also on cleaning time, property taxes, and utility bills.

What have you done with your spare bedroom?  I'd love to read your comments. :)

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