Wednesday, April 27, 2011

FDA Raids Natural Health Products Company

Apparently a producer of natural health products may be shut down. See link below for full story.  It is always amazing to me that over 100,000 people each year in this country die from prescription drugs that the FDA approved, many with little testing, yet if people with serious chronic diseases find relief outside of the conventional medical community, the FDA wants them closed.  In my opinion, it's all about money, power, and control.  How can the pharmaceutical companies and medical doctors make money and control people's minds if everyone switched to natural supplements and alternative health practitioners?  The FDA is running scared because more and more people are turning to alternative health care. 

There is legislature in many states currently to abolish holistic and natural health care practitioners.  If these laws pass, alternative health care practitioners will have to become medical doctors, registered nurses, or registered dietitians and go to an approved college in order to practice.  I could have chosen one of these routes but I didn't because I don't believe in surgery or prescription drugs or the USDA food pyramid.  I know there are truly some quacks out there offering people a cure in a bottle and they should be shut down.  However, most alternative health practitioners, like me, truly want to help clients by using natural methods including nutrition, exercise, and natural supplements.  If you could prevent surgery, and the expense and side affects of prescription drugs, wouldn't you? 

The FDA, Big Pharma, and the government prefer you work your boring job (if you are lucky enough to have one), take your Prozac (or whatever mind altering drug of your choice you need to deal with your boring job the government helped create), eat fast foods (with GMOs and chemicals so you can get ill and require Rx drugs), watch Rx commercials so you can ask your doctor for the latest risky brand name drug to make Big Pharma rich (Americans spent over $300 billion  on prescription drugs in 2010) and you sicker, watch American Idol or Dancing with the Stars (watching television puts your mind in a state of numbness so that others can control you), and go shopping (to buy crap you don't need because you need a quick fix from your depressing life you have no control over). 

So don't worry, the government is taking care of you.  They are very giving.  They gave you food with GMOs (thanks to Monsanto) and are making sure you and your children are part of a big lab experiment by not labeling the food that has GMOS.  They have given you added hormones to your milk, cheese, and products made from milk or cheese, all at a reduced cost then if you bought these products without hormones.  These hormones, produced by Monsanto, increase your risk of reproductive cancers.  Yeah, that's free, too.  Then due to the pocket lining of Congress by Monsanto, manufacturers of hormone-free milk get to add to their labels a comment that says there is no significant difference between milk products made with hormones or without hormones.  Monsanto knows the truth but money is more important then the your health.  The government has given you national debt that your grandchildren's children will be paying for in taxes while the bankers continue to give themselves large bonuses while defrauding YOU.  Yes, these bankers are laughing at us because they are too big too fail but you are not.  The government is giving you a false sense of security at the airport by taking away your 4th Amendment rights and giving you the choice of either being radiated or sexually assaulted.  And guess what?  You get to pay for the TSA.  But let's not forget the Patriot Act.  The government can spy on any citizen either while on email, the telephone, or the Internet.  The Patriot Act also allows the government to search your home without a warrant, should they think for any reason (I'm sure they could come up with one) you are a threat to national security.  Do you feel safer?  Like I said, don't worry.  Go grab some chicken nuggets and a diet coke and go watch American Idol.  Diet coke has aspartame (another chemical produced by Monsanto) which kills the neurons in your brain.  But don't worry, since the government is taking care of you, you don't need all those brain cells.  :)              

Armed agents invade Maxam Nutraceutics and steal natural health products in shocking FDA raid

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Anonymous said...

of course,the gov't has too much investment in big toxic pharma in so many ways,they don't want consumers otherwise known as human beings to go the real well- being route,and really if they can't get ther hands on the money,then it's prohibited.peace.