Friday, May 27, 2011

Mammograms - Are They Worth the Risk?

There is much controversy regarding mammograms and cancer prevention.  If you are a woman, should you get one every year, every other year, or at all?  No one but you can answer that question for you but what I can tell you there are other options.  There are studies that show that getting a mammogram can actually increase your risk of getting cancer or help the cancer spread.   The dose of radiation you get every year is cumulative.  A 2005 study in Denmark shows cancer deaths were lower in areas where no mammograms were given.  Mammograms do NOT prevent cancer.  Mammograms only detect tumors and lumps.  Mammograms have many false positives resulting in many unnecessary surgeries.  Most breast tumors and lumps are benign.  Mammograms also give you a false sense of security because there are many false negatives.  What's even scarier is the rise in detection of some non-invasive breast cancers due to mammography, such as DCIS, that if left alone, is unlikely to spread.  Smashing your breast in a machine like a pancake, however, may just be enough to burst a cyst and spread a cancer that may have never spread in your lifetime.  In addition, the process of cutting you open, aids in the spreading of cancer.  Then radiation (which causes cancer) and chemo (severely weakens your immune system) is usually the next step in your "recovery".   It's amazing anyone recovers using these modern methods.

The American Cancer Society (ACS), X-ray clinics, surgeons, and the cancer industry (cancer drugs and radiation) would like you to believe mammograms are necessary.  Cancer is a multi-billion dollar industry.  And since cancer is a multi-billion dollar industry, do you seriously think a "cure" for cancer will be discovered?  There has been great success reversing cancer using natural methods in the past and currently.  Do you think the ACS would spend money researching natural methods?  Of course not!  They receive hugh money from pharmaceuticals to research drugs.  The pharmeceutical companies will not spend money researching the use of herbs, nutrition, supplements, or any natural method because they can't patent these things and make billions on them.  Your health is not important.  This is one reason I do not and will not donate to cancer research.  

Here's another example of the power of money.  A safe test called thermography that detects cancer better than a mammogram that has existed for many years.  Thermography or thermal imaging is non-invasive, painless, touchless (no one touches you), uses no radiation, and takes less than 15 minutes.  Thermography detects inflammation and vascular changes in the breast even before mammograms can detect anything.  Dr. Mercola explains how thermography works in his article on thermography as a diagnostic tool.    He also has a phone number to call to find a clinic or doctor near you that uses thermal imaging.  Thermography is not covered under most insurance plan and costs about $200.  Why hasn't this test been approved by doctors, hospitals, and most insurance companies?  Because thermography is so simple it can be done in your doctor's office.  No need for clinics dedicated to mammograms.  Doctors and hospitals with investments in these clinics would lose money because these clinics would close.  There would be less need for surgery because you would know if that lump is a problem without surgery.  Only necessary surgeries would be performed.      

So, are mammograms worth the risk?  I'm sure mammography has extended some lifes but how much harm has it done to other lifes?  Only you can decide.  

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weight Loss Tip #7 - Sleep

Getting enough sleep is vital to weight loss.  Most people need 7-9 hours of sleep per night.  Many people think that it is no big deal to sleep less than what your body requires.  And many people believe their body only requires 6 or less hours of sleep.  They are just kidding themselves.  Lack of sleep can create many problems including (but not limited to) aging, accidents, memory loss, depression, judgment impairment, and irritability.  Longer term effects of not getting enough sleep include weight gain, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.  When you are tired, you will be looking for ways to get energy throughout the day.  Most people eat or drink caffeinated beverages.  Not only do most people eat, they eat junk food because they want energy NOW!  What sounds good when you are tired is different then when you've had a good night's rest.  I know because I've been there.  After a night of sleeping poorly or not getting enough sleep, all I can think about is getting something sweet like a donut and a cup of coffee to help pick up my energy quickly.  It becomes a roller coaster ride you can't get off.  All that caffeine and sugar keeps you from falling asleep.  The solution is to take a sleep aid in pill or liquid form meaning a pharmaceutical drug or an alcoholic beverage.  Both of these solutions will leave you tired in the morning even if you did get some sleep.  Even one sleepless night can wreck havoc on your body for days.  If you have problems sleeping, please see may posting on how to get a good night's sleep.   I've listed many tips to help you get a good night's sleep.    

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Psychotropic Drugs - A Fake Industry?

Is depression real?  Aren't emotional ups and downs a normal part of life?  Is bipolar disorder real?  Is a chemical imbalance real?  Is ADHD real?  Or are these diseases made up so we can be given a pill?  The problem with psychotropic drugs is the horrible side affects.  I think if anyone read the insert, they would be scared to take the drug.  Many of the drugs for bipolar disorder or depression have serious side affects including risk of obesity, diabetes, Parkinson like symptoms (that are permanent), heart problems, suicide, homicide, and even death.  My mother was put on a one of these drugs and two months later her heart stopped beating properly.  She now has a pace maker for her heart.  She was changed to another drug and she has now gained 20 pounds in a few months.  Another friend's husband was put on Paxil for depression.  He committed suicide.  He was not suicidal before being put on the drug.

Supposedly, 70% of all drugs used for depression don't work.  Tests have been done that show placebos work as well as prescription drugs for depression.  Since drugs have been advertised, prescription drug use has increased significantly.  Do we really have more mental disorders or are we being brainwashed by TV to make us believe we need the drugs.  The commercials are geared to make everyone feel like they are depressed or have some other illness for which a drug is needed.  Online tests are even worse.  Most people will test positive for at least depressive disorder on this bipolar quiz.

Most of these dangerous drugs are tested for only 6 to 8 weeks on average.  The general public is the clinical trial and the guinea pigs.  That's where the real testing takes place.  If you are taking a new drug before it has been on the market for three years, you are risking your health and maybe your life.  What is even more frightening is the cross marketing of many psychotropic drugs.  Anti-depressants have been marketed for quiting smoking, insomnia, PMS, and many other disorders that has nothing to do with depression.  I have always been against going to Psychiatrists because they are medical doctors and most are too quick to write a prescription.  If you feel you are depressed or are going through some difficult times, psychologists are the better route.  They are not licensed to write prescriptions.  They have significant training in counseling.  Another person to talk to if you are not feeling great is a nutritionist, naturopath, and/or fitness coach.  Many times people just need to exercise and change their diets to feel better.  For more information on the truth behind psychotropic drugs, watch the video "Making a Killing:  The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging" on YouTube.  The video is an hour and a half but well worth the watch.  The link is below.  

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Weight Loss Tip #6 - Don't Eat Out

I rarely eat out anymore.  I just don't trust what is being served.  Does it have MSG, GMOs, high-fructose corn syrup, or too much salt?  Has it been microwaved?  Is the wild-caught or farm raised?  Is the meat organic?  Unless the meat is labeled organic, it isn't.  Are they using margarine or butter?  Even 5 star restaurants take short cuts or cheaper methods to save money.  Of course you can ask the restaurant and hope they are telling the truth.  Most of the time we just don't know.  In addition to not being healthy, most food in restaurants has much more calories than it would have if you made it yourself.  You should make eating out the exception, not the rule.  When I do eat out, I frequent small local restaurants where I know the owner and they know how I want my food prepared.  However, if you are trying to lose weight, one meal could create a major set back if loaded with sugar, salt, and unhealthy fats. 

If you can't avoid going to a restaurant, be careful when you read restaurant menus.  They are designed to aim your eyes to the more expensive and usually less healthy items.  Dr. Mercola in his article "7 Ways Restaurant Menus Trick You to Spend More" talks about the tricks restaurants use to get you to buy these menu items.  Usually, you have to dig through the menu to find something healthy.  Stay away from red meats (burgers and steaks), fried chicken, creamed pastas, and farm raised fish.  I usually order the stir fry, pasta with marinara sauce, or veggie burger with beans and rice.  Fish is also good as long as it is wild caught.  Some tricks you can use when eating out include the following:

  • Right before I go to a restaurant eat a small apple to curb your appetite.  If you don't have time or access to an apple, drink a glass of water.  That way you won't be ravenous and throw caution to the wind. 
  • Split the main meal with someone if it is large (which is usually the case) and order an extra side dish.  When I have brunch with my daughter we split the 4 egg omelet and potatoes and order extra toast and fruit. 
  • Bring a container from home for the leftovers.  That way, you won't feel guilty about leaving food on your plate.  Better yet, place half your food in your container before you even begin eating. 
  • Drink ice tea (with stevia you brought from home) or water with your meal.  Alcoholic drinks and sodas are very high in calories.  No diet soft drinks or sweeteners.  If you haven't read my post on the dangers of aspartame, please read it now. 
  • Lastly, NEVER eat desert in a restaurant.  Desert in a restaurant is likely to have 600 to 1000 calories and more sugar than you need for a week of eating.  What about a cup of fresh fruit?  That is much better but fruit does not digest well AFTER a meal.  It is better to have fruit 1/2 hour before a meal.  If you must have something while everyone else is having desert, order a cup of tea or coffee with half and half.  Bring your own sweetener such as stevia.  It will help your digestion and have significantly less calories (30-50) than desert even if you add sugar (which I don't recommend).  You will feel much better later while everyone else is feeling stuffed and sluggish.       

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Obama Proposal to Tax Miles Driven

A proposal by the Obama administration to tax cars by the mile sounds like double taxation.  Isn't the gas tax at the pumps already taxing consumers who drive the most and have less efficient cars?The Obama administration now wants to punish you for buying a fuel efficient car.  They are anticipating an increase in hybrid cars and therefore a decrease in gas tax.  How to get around this?  Place a tracking device in your vehicle and charge you tax based on how many miles you drive.  Is this the change you expected when you voted for Obama (if you voted for Obama)?  This proposal is great for the government.  Not only will they rob you of more money but they have an excuse to track every U.S. citizen.  Sounds very "1984".  If you haven't read Orwell's book "1984" you might want to at this time. 

One of Obama's campaign promises was to NOT renew the Patriot Act.  He lied.  The Patriot Act was renewed.  If you don't know, the Patriot Act allows our great country, in the name of security, to spy on you.  The NSA can read your email, listen to your phone calls, and track your website visitations.  In the name of the Patriot Act, the government can raid your house without a warrant.  All they need is a reason that you may be a security risk.  That reason may be a suspicious neighbor.  The Patriot Act has taken away our constitutional freedoms.  Now the government wants to track our every move. 

What will be next?  A ban on all guns?  Hitler passed gun control laws in Germany before he started rounding up the Jews.  How could they defend themselves without guns?  Stricter gun control could happen here.  It could happen while most Americans are sitting home eating junkfood and watching American Idol (or whatever other pathetic non-reality Reality show is on television), texting, or playing video games.  That's what most Americans were doing when the Patriot Act became law and the TSA (searched without a warrant) was established to take away our 4th Amendment constitutional rights.  The risk of a terrorist attack is significantly lower than the risk of getting cancer from all the X-rays you receive in the name of the medical establishment and safety (at the airport). 

Little by little, our freedoms are being riped from us and we are doing little about it.  I truly believe if it wasn't for television, texting, and video games, we would be much more aware.  The average American spends 5 hours watching television per day.  That's 35 hours per week.  That is almost a full time job.  Imagine what good you could do with that time.  The average teenager spends an average 7 hours per day on television, texting, and video games.  These are the future leaders of America.  They have no clue.  Doesn't that frighten you because it frightens me.  The public schools aren't teaching them the truth, either, because public schools are run by the government.  The teachers in the public schools would never say anything against our great government.  They would be fired.  

So why am I mentioning this in a health, fitness, and simple living blog.  Because the laws passed in this country do affect our life.  If a tax is passed based on miles driven, you will be spending more money and have less for more important areas of your life like health and fitness.  If you are being tracked by our government, your health will be affected because as freedoms are lost and people feel less control over their lives, they become less happy.  So please be aware and let's make sure this law doesn't pass.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Collapse of the Modern World Has Begun?

Is the modern world already collapsing?  Mike Adams at Natural News ( seems to think so.  Some of the more disturbing signs on his list include:  

  1. Increase in natural disasters.  We've always had natural disasters but are we now having more with more frequency?  We've certainly have had quite a few record natural disasters including the tornadoes in the Southwest US, earthquakes in Japan and along the "ring of fire", tsunamis, and floods.  We'll have to keep a watch on this one.
  2. Where are the bees?  Significant decrease in bee colonies.  This one is concerning to say the least.  Many crops depend on bees for growth and food production.  If we are killing off the bees due to pesticides, GMOs, or radioactive frequencies, are we going to eventually affect the food supply?  I would think so.
  3. Food shortages and increase in food prices is already happening.  Every week in recent months that I have gone to the market, prices on many products have increased from the week before!  This is one of the many reasons why I started a garden and you should, too.    
  4. GMO contamination of our planet and organic crops.  I've spoken on this issue many times.  Just click on GMO in the subject area for postings.  The bottom line is that if we keep allowing Monsanto to mess with nature by using GMOs, they will eventually pollute organic crops and NOTHING will be organic again.  Studies of laboratory animals consuming GMO crops made them completely infertile within three generations.  If the same happens to us, we will stop reproducing.  How frightening is that thought?  Again, please start a garden using heirloom seeds.
  5. Medical Police State.  We are quickly losing our medical freedom in this country and not many seem to care.  When a SWAT team goes into a parents home to try to kidnap her child because she refused to give her child psychiatric drugs, as they did with Maryanne Godboldo in Detroit, MI, something is seriously wrong.  Maryanne fired at the police with a gun to protect her child.  She was taken into police custody.  Another mother fled the country because she did not want to give chemotherapy to her child.  Her child did not want the chemotherapy either.  Is being forced to be radiated or searched without a warrant at the airport freedom?  Where are our rights?  Do we have any left.  
To read about the other 9 signs that the collapse of the modern world has already begun, click on the following link.

14 signs that the collapse of our modern world has already begun

Weight Loss Tip #5 - Reduce Sugar to 25 Grams

Sugar is toxic.  Sugar causes so many problems with your health, it should be labeled as a toxic poison.  According to Robert Lustig, M.D., a leading expert on childhood obesity, sugar is the main reason for obesity in this country.  Sugar not only contributes to weight gain, it is a contributing factor to diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer's Disease, heart disease, and many other chronic ailments.  Sugar is also addicting.  See my prior post "Sugar Addiction" for more information. The average American consumes 150 grams of sugar per day.  This has increases significantly over the past 100 years.  The main reason for the increase is due to high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and processed foods.  HFCS is very expensive to produce because it is made from corn.  Corn is subsidized in the U.S. so many farmers have switched from growing many crops to just corn.  With so much excess corn, manufacturers came up with a sweetener made from corn, HFCS.  HFCS is added not only to foods typically sweetened but also to foods you wouldn't expect to find a sweetener.  You need to read labels carefully.  In addition, HFCS is actually worse than pure cane sugar because the chances are very high that it is also genetically modified. 

Why is HFCS and sugar so bad and why do you gain weight when consuming them?  The body is not made to handle simple sugars effectively.  Simple sugars enter your blood stream much quicker than complex sugars.  Immediately after ingesting simple sugars, insulin, produced by the pancreas, is released to regulate the sugar in your your blood.  The more simple sugars you eat, the harder your pancreas has to work to keep your blood sugar level balanced.  Eventually, the pancreas has problems producing insulin quick enough, and you become insulin resistant or pre-diabetic.  If your sugar intake isn't decreased at this point, you are at very high risk of becoming diabetic.  Being diabetic means your pancreas stops producing insulin altogether.  Since sugar enters the blood stream quickly, it is usually impossible for your body to use it all for energy.  Where does the excess go?  Fat.  The numerous amounts of processed foods that are labeled "Fat-Free" are helping make obesity rates even higher.  Why?  Usually when a manufacturer takes out the fat, they add more sugar for taste.  My suggestion is to stop eating highly processed foods altogether.  They are usually full of HFCS, salt, and hydrogenated fats.  Sugar, fructose, dextrose, and sucrose are all simple sugars.

Weight Loss Tip #5: Do not have more than 25 grams of sugar per day.  And when you do, try to have real maple syrup, honey, agave, or pure stevia (an herb) instead because they have more nutrients.  These are still simple sugars so they should be included in the maximum of 25 grams per day.  To give you a guideline, one teaspoon of sugar has 4 grams and 15 calories.