Monday, May 2, 2011

Collapse of the Modern World Has Begun?

Is the modern world already collapsing?  Mike Adams at Natural News ( seems to think so.  Some of the more disturbing signs on his list include:  

  1. Increase in natural disasters.  We've always had natural disasters but are we now having more with more frequency?  We've certainly have had quite a few record natural disasters including the tornadoes in the Southwest US, earthquakes in Japan and along the "ring of fire", tsunamis, and floods.  We'll have to keep a watch on this one.
  2. Where are the bees?  Significant decrease in bee colonies.  This one is concerning to say the least.  Many crops depend on bees for growth and food production.  If we are killing off the bees due to pesticides, GMOs, or radioactive frequencies, are we going to eventually affect the food supply?  I would think so.
  3. Food shortages and increase in food prices is already happening.  Every week in recent months that I have gone to the market, prices on many products have increased from the week before!  This is one of the many reasons why I started a garden and you should, too.    
  4. GMO contamination of our planet and organic crops.  I've spoken on this issue many times.  Just click on GMO in the subject area for postings.  The bottom line is that if we keep allowing Monsanto to mess with nature by using GMOs, they will eventually pollute organic crops and NOTHING will be organic again.  Studies of laboratory animals consuming GMO crops made them completely infertile within three generations.  If the same happens to us, we will stop reproducing.  How frightening is that thought?  Again, please start a garden using heirloom seeds.
  5. Medical Police State.  We are quickly losing our medical freedom in this country and not many seem to care.  When a SWAT team goes into a parents home to try to kidnap her child because she refused to give her child psychiatric drugs, as they did with Maryanne Godboldo in Detroit, MI, something is seriously wrong.  Maryanne fired at the police with a gun to protect her child.  She was taken into police custody.  Another mother fled the country because she did not want to give chemotherapy to her child.  Her child did not want the chemotherapy either.  Is being forced to be radiated or searched without a warrant at the airport freedom?  Where are our rights?  Do we have any left.  
To read about the other 9 signs that the collapse of the modern world has already begun, click on the following link.

14 signs that the collapse of our modern world has already begun

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