Friday, May 27, 2011

Mammograms - Are They Worth the Risk?

There is much controversy regarding mammograms and cancer prevention.  If you are a woman, should you get one every year, every other year, or at all?  No one but you can answer that question for you but what I can tell you there are other options.  There are studies that show that getting a mammogram can actually increase your risk of getting cancer or help the cancer spread.   The dose of radiation you get every year is cumulative.  A 2005 study in Denmark shows cancer deaths were lower in areas where no mammograms were given.  Mammograms do NOT prevent cancer.  Mammograms only detect tumors and lumps.  Mammograms have many false positives resulting in many unnecessary surgeries.  Most breast tumors and lumps are benign.  Mammograms also give you a false sense of security because there are many false negatives.  What's even scarier is the rise in detection of some non-invasive breast cancers due to mammography, such as DCIS, that if left alone, is unlikely to spread.  Smashing your breast in a machine like a pancake, however, may just be enough to burst a cyst and spread a cancer that may have never spread in your lifetime.  In addition, the process of cutting you open, aids in the spreading of cancer.  Then radiation (which causes cancer) and chemo (severely weakens your immune system) is usually the next step in your "recovery".   It's amazing anyone recovers using these modern methods.

The American Cancer Society (ACS), X-ray clinics, surgeons, and the cancer industry (cancer drugs and radiation) would like you to believe mammograms are necessary.  Cancer is a multi-billion dollar industry.  And since cancer is a multi-billion dollar industry, do you seriously think a "cure" for cancer will be discovered?  There has been great success reversing cancer using natural methods in the past and currently.  Do you think the ACS would spend money researching natural methods?  Of course not!  They receive hugh money from pharmaceuticals to research drugs.  The pharmeceutical companies will not spend money researching the use of herbs, nutrition, supplements, or any natural method because they can't patent these things and make billions on them.  Your health is not important.  This is one reason I do not and will not donate to cancer research.  

Here's another example of the power of money.  A safe test called thermography that detects cancer better than a mammogram that has existed for many years.  Thermography or thermal imaging is non-invasive, painless, touchless (no one touches you), uses no radiation, and takes less than 15 minutes.  Thermography detects inflammation and vascular changes in the breast even before mammograms can detect anything.  Dr. Mercola explains how thermography works in his article on thermography as a diagnostic tool.    He also has a phone number to call to find a clinic or doctor near you that uses thermal imaging.  Thermography is not covered under most insurance plan and costs about $200.  Why hasn't this test been approved by doctors, hospitals, and most insurance companies?  Because thermography is so simple it can be done in your doctor's office.  No need for clinics dedicated to mammograms.  Doctors and hospitals with investments in these clinics would lose money because these clinics would close.  There would be less need for surgery because you would know if that lump is a problem without surgery.  Only necessary surgeries would be performed.      

So, are mammograms worth the risk?  I'm sure mammography has extended some lifes but how much harm has it done to other lifes?  Only you can decide.  

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