Thursday, May 5, 2011

Obama Proposal to Tax Miles Driven

A proposal by the Obama administration to tax cars by the mile sounds like double taxation.  Isn't the gas tax at the pumps already taxing consumers who drive the most and have less efficient cars?The Obama administration now wants to punish you for buying a fuel efficient car.  They are anticipating an increase in hybrid cars and therefore a decrease in gas tax.  How to get around this?  Place a tracking device in your vehicle and charge you tax based on how many miles you drive.  Is this the change you expected when you voted for Obama (if you voted for Obama)?  This proposal is great for the government.  Not only will they rob you of more money but they have an excuse to track every U.S. citizen.  Sounds very "1984".  If you haven't read Orwell's book "1984" you might want to at this time. 

One of Obama's campaign promises was to NOT renew the Patriot Act.  He lied.  The Patriot Act was renewed.  If you don't know, the Patriot Act allows our great country, in the name of security, to spy on you.  The NSA can read your email, listen to your phone calls, and track your website visitations.  In the name of the Patriot Act, the government can raid your house without a warrant.  All they need is a reason that you may be a security risk.  That reason may be a suspicious neighbor.  The Patriot Act has taken away our constitutional freedoms.  Now the government wants to track our every move. 

What will be next?  A ban on all guns?  Hitler passed gun control laws in Germany before he started rounding up the Jews.  How could they defend themselves without guns?  Stricter gun control could happen here.  It could happen while most Americans are sitting home eating junkfood and watching American Idol (or whatever other pathetic non-reality Reality show is on television), texting, or playing video games.  That's what most Americans were doing when the Patriot Act became law and the TSA (searched without a warrant) was established to take away our 4th Amendment constitutional rights.  The risk of a terrorist attack is significantly lower than the risk of getting cancer from all the X-rays you receive in the name of the medical establishment and safety (at the airport). 

Little by little, our freedoms are being riped from us and we are doing little about it.  I truly believe if it wasn't for television, texting, and video games, we would be much more aware.  The average American spends 5 hours watching television per day.  That's 35 hours per week.  That is almost a full time job.  Imagine what good you could do with that time.  The average teenager spends an average 7 hours per day on television, texting, and video games.  These are the future leaders of America.  They have no clue.  Doesn't that frighten you because it frightens me.  The public schools aren't teaching them the truth, either, because public schools are run by the government.  The teachers in the public schools would never say anything against our great government.  They would be fired.  

So why am I mentioning this in a health, fitness, and simple living blog.  Because the laws passed in this country do affect our life.  If a tax is passed based on miles driven, you will be spending more money and have less for more important areas of your life like health and fitness.  If you are being tracked by our government, your health will be affected because as freedoms are lost and people feel less control over their lives, they become less happy.  So please be aware and let's make sure this law doesn't pass.

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