Sunday, June 12, 2011

Anthony Weiner and Social Networking

By now almost everyone knows the story of Rep. Anthony Weiner and his explicit photos on Twitter.  If you don't, Congressman Anthony Weiner engaged in several inappropriate electronic relationships with six women over three years by texting messages and sending explicit photos of himself.  He publicly lied about a photo of himself sent over Twitter to a college student in Seattle a couple of weeks ago.

I am still amazed and shocked that anyone, especially someone in the public eye, could do such an idiotic thing as post partially naked photos of themselves on the world wide web.  Now he might as well kiss his career in politics goodbye.  What can we learn from this mess besides to not go into politics?  My mother always said, "Do not write put anything in writing or take photos of anything that you would not want the whole world to see."  She told me this before the Internet even existed.  If is even more important now to adhere to this very simple, common sense rule.
Here are some simple living rules for social networking (SN):
  1. Post only necessary information about yourself on a SN site and nothing too personal.  For instance your name and occupation but never your home address.
  2. Never use a SN site to write anything you would not want a future employer to read. 
  3. Keep political, religious, and sexual comments off the web and reserved for personal live conversations with family and close friends only.  
  4. Never post where you are going, especially when you are going on vacation.  This announcement let's every dishonest person that would like to rob you know when you will be gone.  Letting someone know you are leaving for the gym or local pub let's stalkers know where to find you and thieves know when to rob you.  Many people have hundreds of friends on Facebook.  Many of their "friends" are people they have never met. 
  5. Be polite in your conversations.  Being nasty or swearing is not only posted permanently but can't be taken back or removed after you've cooled down.
  6. Google your name periodically to see what information is being posted about you.  Get rid of personal information as much as possible if found.  
  7. Check your privacy settings on Facebook and other accounts to make sure they are set where you want them.      
Mike Adams, Health Ranger (Natural News) wrote a very funny but true article about Rep. Anthony Weiner on this very topic.  I literally couldn't stop laughing through the whole article.  Click on the link below if you want to read it.

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