Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dangers of Lead in Garden Hoses

I didn't realize until recently that there was a danger with lead in garden hoses.  For the last couple of years I used a garden hose to water my lawn and garden that was probably not lead-free and therefore adding lead to my soil.  There is likely lead in your garden hose unless your garden hose specifically stated when you bought it that it is lead-free and or drinking water safe.  It's probably not a problem if you don't have a garden or small children who are going to drink from the hose.  But if you do have small children or a garden it is best that you buy a safe garden hose.  Hoses with lead are particularly dangerous if they have been sitting in the sun for hours before use.  So make sure you let the water run out of the hose (you should do this even if your hose is safe) until it is cool before watering your garden until you buy a safe hose. 

Since the hose I have been using on my garden was not lead-free I stopped using it immediately and went on a mission to buy a new hose.  Since I didn't want to order online and wait for a new one I searched everywhere locally.  I did find a white 25 ft. marine hose for $20 at Lowe's.  The marine hoses are safe but white is not a color I prefer so I kept looking.  I don't remember the name of the company that made the marine hose but I do know it was made in America.  After searching everywhere, I did find a 25 ft. lead-free and drinking water safe blue garden hose made by Apex for $14 at Walmart.  I bought two hoses so I could connect them when I need to reach further.  The hose was also kink-free and made in America.  I've been using the hoses for over a month now and they work fine. 

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Sonya Gritten said...

Thanx for the info. In my next trip to Walmart I will definitely look for the Apex hose.

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Donna said...

Thanks for the compliments and comments. I will be writing much more on those topics (natural health for people and pets) in the future.