Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jerry Brown Legalizes Vaccine Consent by 12-year-olds

California girls as young as 12 can now receive the HPV vaccine without the consent from their parents thanks to Gov. Jerry Brown who signed the bill into law.  Parents in California are not needed for consent before administering dangerous toxins to their children.

About 12,000 women get cervical cancer in the U.S. each year and most of these cancers are related to the HP virus.  According to the CDC, the HPV vaccine can prevent several strains of the cancer.  

Your children will be told, "Protect yourself from cancer and get the HPV vaccine."  The school administrators may even give the class that has 100% participation a pizza day or a hall pass to pressure them into consenting.  What they won't tell them is the truth.  They won't tell you that the HPV vaccine has not been fully tested (only a few months) before being marketed.  They won't tell them the vaccine only protects against specific strains of cancer and not necessarily the most dangerous.  They won't tell them that the HPV vaccine has the highest of death rates and illnesses than any vaccine.  They won't tell them the long list of almost 18,000 people who've have severe side affects from fainting and blindness to seizures and even death.  They won't explain to their students that the vaccine does not prevent other sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS, herpes, syphilis, etc.?  They will let the students believe that the vaccine will be the perfect protection thereby giving them a false sense of security.  Unfortunately, the HPV vaccine offers no guarantee of any protection.  This is taken from page 1 of the 30 page insert that comes with the vaccine, "Vaccination with GARDASIL may not result in protection in all vaccine recipients."

What is even worse is the continued intrusion of the government into the rights of its citizens and specifically the rights of parents and their children.  Public schools are the perfect place for the growth of the nanny state.  The public schools already have more influence over your children then you do.  Children are at school 7 - 8 hours per day plus most spend 2 - 3 on homework.  That is 9 - 11 hours per day.  That's 45 -55 hours per week not including sports or other school activities.  Do you spend that much time with your children every week?  If not, then you do not have more influence in regards to your children.   What other decisions regarding our children are we going to allow the government to take away next?  I never believed in homeschooling children until recently (last 10 years).  I  used to laugh at people who homeschooled their children.  I was under the impression that homeschooled children were lazy, uneducated, and anti-social.   There's only a minority of homeschooled children that fall in this category.  Most the hardworking, educated, and have more mature socially than public school children.  Unfortunately, we don't have public schools.  They are actually Corporate controlled schools.  Beverage industry (Coca Cola, Pepsi), the dairy industry, office supply companies, computer companies, and now Big Pharma (Merck) have the control.   Those companies have the control because they have the money.   They want your children to grow up as obedient, subservient, laborers for their companies and not independent, freethinking, entrepreneurial individuals who think outside the box.  If you don't believe me, then you haven't read any of John Taylor Gatto's books.  Pick one up at Amazon or your local library.  You will never think the same about compulsory education again. 

If you can't homeschool your children and live in a state that allows 12 year olds to take vaccines without their parent's consent, then you need to have a heart-to-heart talk with your children regarding the dangers of this vaccine before they are approached by school administrators with their Big Pharma propaganda material convincing them otherwise.  Make sure your children are prepared and aware of the risks of not only vaccines but of being sexually active.  Don't leave this important matter to strangers.

In addition, let Gov. Brown know how you feel about this new law by contacting him at:





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