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Mike Adams Video of Top 2012 Health Stories

Mike Adams discusses vaccines, ADD, ODD (oppositional defiant disorder), depression, genetically-modified food, chemtrails, and more.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mammograms: Worth the Risk?

Here's a great article called Shock Study: Mammograms a Medical Hoax . . . by Mike Adams on why mammograms can be dangerous to your health.  The comments that follow are almost as interesting than the article.  Are mammograms really worth the risks and all the false positives?  Too many women undergo procedures and cancer treatments when the risk was minimal.  Mammograms miss malignancies far too often and pick up cancer that women of prior generations lived with until they died with no ill effect.  Those cancers are called DCIS (ductal carinoman in situ).  DCIS is cancer in the milk duct.  Cutting into the milk duct can cause the cancer to spread when in most cases the cancer is contained. 

Per Mike Adams: "In fact, if you do the math and calculate 0.1 million fewer women with advanced-stage cancer out of 1.5 million who were diagnosed, 93% of the "early detection" cancer cases studied were false positives, meaning that they would never have gone on to cause advanced-stage cancer anyway."

Mike also discusses the cult of Komen Foundation:  "Millions of women get innocently swept up into the "run for the cure," apparently clueless to the fact that most of that "cure" money goes to pay for more mammograms that result in more false diagnoses which ensnare yet more women into the same victimization racket."  I have to agree.  Let's start putting money towards prevention rather than mammograms. 

What he doesn't discuss in his article and is an alternative to mammography and that is thermography.  Unfortunately, health insurance does not pay for it but is without risks and pain (no smashing of the breasts) and detects precancerous and cancerous conditions years before mammography.  It usually cost a couple of hundred dollars.

Learn more:

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Early Detection of Alzheimer's Disease

brain neuron
Researchers of Alzheimer's disease are now saying that Alzheimer's can be detected 10-15 years and more than two decades in high risk patients before symptoms would appear.  This gives hope that medication or preventative measures can be administered before the disease has significantly progressed.  On average, when someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, 70-80 percent of the neurons in the affected area of the brain have already died. 
In a study, published in the Lancet Neurology, 44 young adults (aged between 18 and 26) had brain scans with 20 out of the 44 tested showing brain changes similar to those with Alzheimer's.  The affected individuals also had higher levels of a protein called beta-amyloid, a biomarker of Alzheimer's disease, in the fluid of their spinal cord and brain.  
For more information on Alzheimer's and prevention, see my posting, Alzheimer's - 9 Ways to Reduce Your Risk

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5 Most Toxic Christmas or Holiday Gifts

Since Christmas and the holidays are fast approaching, I thought it was time to re-post my list of the most toxic gifts.  Please click on link below.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

12 Most Toxic Consumer Home Products

I posted this a year ago and thought it was worth reposting.  Also called the "Dirty Dozen" by the Cancer Prevention Coalition (CPC), the top 12 toxic products found in the average home are:

Friday, October 26, 2012

What is in Vaccines? MSG, Mercury, & Much More!

Are vaccines safe?  "Make sure you get your children vaccinated before school starts.  Make sure you get a flu shot before flu season starts."  Once again these comments are frequent on the morning TV shows during August and early fall.  So are vaccinations really safe?  Maybe we should look at what is in a vaccination.  Below is the fact sheet from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) regarding vaccinations.  As you will see common ingredients of vaccinations are aluminum, egg protein, antibiotics (except penicillin), MSG, mercury, and formaldehyde.  MSG, aluminum, and mercury are toxic to the brain even in small amounts.  MSG is an excitotoxin that crosses the blood brain barrier and kills neurons.  Formaldehyde is a known carcinogenic.  That means it causes cancer.  Mercury has been shown to be linked to autism in studies outside this country.  Studies linking mercury

Monday, October 22, 2012


Just what is hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP) and why should you care?  According to Wikipedia, HVP is a flavor enhancer produced by boiling cereals or legumes, such as soy, corn, or wheat, in hydrochloric acid and then neutralizing the solution with sodium hydroxide. The acid hydrolyzes, or breaks down, the protein in vegetables into their component amino acids. The result is a dark coloured liquid that contains, among other vegetable based amino acids, glutamic acid.  It is used in many, many processed foods. HVP also contains aspartame. 

Both glutamate (found in monosodium glutamate also known as MSG) and aspartame are 
excitotoxins.  Excitotoxins. like glutamate and aspartame are able to cross the blood-brain barrier.  The blood-brain barrier protects the brain from blood toxins. Glutamate and aspartate are amino acids that can cross the blood-brain barrier.  In normal amounts, they have cause no harm to the brain and are essential.  In food additives, such as HVP, these amino acids are in much higher amounts than is required and therefore become toxic.  They cause neurons to become "excited" and eventually die.  HVP is one of the most dangerous additives because it contains both of these excitotoxins which together are more toxic on the brain then each one is by itself. 

Aspartame is an artificial sweetener found in most diet soft drinks and diet foods.  One of the best things you can do for your health is to stop drinking sodas of any kind.  They have no nutritional value and in either form (sugar or sugarless) ruin your health.  Drink water, teas, and water diluted 100% fruit juice.  Even coffee is better for you.   

Most products containing MSG or aspartame are also considered genetically modified since they use soy or corn to produce.  Guinea pigs feed GM corn grew large tumors.  Best to just eat whole foods and stay away from this cancer causing, brain wasting food. 
For those of you who have pets.  HVP can be found in pet food and pet supplements.  I recently purchased Potassium Citrate Chewable pills for my dogs.  Potassium citrate helps reduce the risk of kidney and bladder stones which my dogs are prone to get.  I purchased them online.  HVP was not listed as an ingredient online but was on the ingredient list when I received them.  If HVP will destroy your brain, it will destroy your pet's brains too.  Be just as careful purchasing supplements and food for them as you would for yourself. 

More detailed information on excitotoxins and hidden sources of these deadly additives can be found at  my post Excitotoxins: Dangers of Aspartame and MSG

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Do Statin Drugs Prevent Heart Attacks?

Are eggs good for your heart?
Statin drugs are drugs that lower cholesterol levels in the blood. They have been on the market since the late 1980's.  So what does cholesterol have to do with heart disease?  Cholesterol is a natural part of the human body comprising some 25% of the brain.  Cholesterol is needed in the metabolism of hormones.  Why, then, has cholesterol become the enemy?  It all started some 50 years ago with a guy named Ancel Keys who performed a study of some 16 communities in 7 countries in which he followed 12,000 men for 20 years.  Keys study actually consisted of 22 countries but he cherry picked the countries to "prove" saturated fats and cholesterol were the villain in heart disease.  Had he included all 22 countries, his results would have proven no such correlation between heart disease and saturated fats.  So for 50 years most people have altered their diets by eating less meat, butter, eggs, coconut oil, and palm oil in the false hope of lowering their risk of heart disease.  Well, I have news for you.  My father had total total cholesterol of 170 when he died at the age of 61 from a massive heart attack. His low cholesterol did not save him.  And it will not save you.  

Another reason cholesterol has become the enemy is the cholesterol or plaque found in arteries of those with blocked arteries. As strange as this may seem, although cholesterol is found in arteries, it is not the cause of heart disease. Cholesterol builds in arteries to prevent damage from inflammation. Many experts now believe this is more likely than cholesterol being the enemy to eradicate.   

In a six year study of over 47,000 patients treated with a statin drug, those with total cholesterol levels between 200-219 mg/dl had a lower rate of heart disease than those with higher or lower levels.  The lowest mortality rates were seen in patients with total cholesterol levels between 200-259 mg/dl.  People with total cholesterol levels below 160 had the highest death rates.  

To be fair, cholesterol-lowering drugs do have some benefits. First of all, they have anti-inflammatory and anti-clotting effects.  Since inflammation is associated with heart disease, this can lower your risk.  And of course we all know that blood clots can cause strokes.  In experiments with mice statins have shown to reduce frequency of calcification and plague ruptures, both markers of advanced heart disease.  In animal studies, statins have also been shown to reduce oxidative stress (free radical damage) even as cholesterol levels remain unchanged.  Sounds good but there are safer ways to lower inflammation and that is through diet and supplements.

Now let's look at the dark side of statins--side effects.  Your doctor will probably tell you that statin drugs have little known side effects and even if you take the drug and have side effects, he'll tell you it's not the statin drug because few people had any serious side effects in clinical trials so what's wrong with you.  They were proven to be safe, well tolerated, and effective. Let's take a look at how the clinical trials were done. People are carefully screened to get those that are basically healthy with slightly elevated cholesterol levels.  People with serious problems such as liver or kidney problems, diabetes, arthritis, dementia, heart disease, cancer, or other chronic diseases are excluded from the trials.  Women of child-bearing age are also excluded.  In addition, the clinical trials don't usually go on long enough because Big Pharma wants the drug on the shelves as soon as possible for obvious financial reasons.  

Remember Baycol?  This cholesterol lowering drug was pulled from the market by Bayer AG after 52 deaths were linked to the drug.  Baycol caused severe muscle damage in some.  Over 100 deaths and over 1,600 injuries have since linked to Baycol. 

Here is a list of the common and not so common side effects of statins:

1)  Extreme fatigue 
2)  Nausea
3)  Gastrointestinal problems
4)  Muscle weakness and pain
5)  Muscle damage.  If you have muscle weakness and pain, it is likely you already have muscle damage which is not always completely reversed when the drug is stopped.  Some people have neuropathy for the rest of their life. 
6)  Coenzyme Q10 depletion.  Statin drugs deplete the body of Coenzyme Q10, a critical component of mitochondria that is responsible for producing all of a cell's energy requirement.  Is is also a potent antioxidant that decreases with age.  This may be one of the reasons for the side effect of fatigue.  Coenzyme Q10 is required for a healthy heart.  Congestive heart failure has risen a few years after statin drugs hit the market.  This very well may be the reason why.  If you are on statin drugs or are over 60, you should be taking this vital supplement on a daily basis.
7) Cognitive dysfunction, memory problems, and TGA (Total Global Amnesia).  TGA is a transient form of memory loss that can last from 15 minutes to half-a-day.  Imagine getting TGA when your driving a car or flying an airplane as pilot and doctor Duane Graveline could have been doing when he got TGA.  he also wrote a book called Lipitor: Thief of Memory. The brain needs cholesterol to function.  The brain is mostly fat and 25% cholesterol.  Blocking cholesterol levels in the blood also blocks it from the brain.  Giving someone with dementia a statin drug is like giving injecting a diabetic with HFCS.  
7)  Cancer. There is a link between cholesterol-lowering drugs and cancer.  In one study, the greatest risk was breast cancer.
8)  Birth defects.  This one is not as common since most women of child-bearing age do not take statins (3% of statins)  However, one study showed that 20 of 52 babies exposed to statins in the womb were born with birth defects.  This link makes sense as babies need cholesterol to develop normally so what idiot doctor would put a pregnant woman or one of child-bearing age on statins?
9) Hormone depletion.  Hormones need cholesterol to synthesis.   Testosterone is especially affected by statins.  Both men and women need this hormone for libido.  Hormone depletion also equals faster aging. 
10) Erectile dysfunction.  As if the above weren't enough to consider.

Eggs are not only good for your heart, they are good for your brain and eyes. Eggs contain lutein, and zeaxanthin, nutrients that protect vision.  They also contain choline, a precursor of acetylcholine which the brain needs for memory and learning. 

I will never take a cholesterol-lowering drug. You will have to weight the risks and benefits and come up with your own decision. In the meantime, here are ways to have a healthy heart without drugs:


Colpo, Anthony, The Great Cholesterol Con, Australia 2006 

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Confused on What to Eat? Join the Millions.

I'm in the middle of writing an article (that may turn into a book) on natural healing for preventing a specific disease.   I expected the article to take a couple of weeks to finish but instead I'm still working on it six weeks later.  Frankly, I'm a little ticked off.  I'm ticked off because the more I research, the more I realize that there are so many food myths floating around that it is no wonder most people are unhealthy and overweight.  There are as many differences of opinions regarding food and supplements as there are people in the world.  The same clinical studies are referenced in various books but the interpretations vary depending on the author's agenda.  Many authors are honest but you'd be shocked to know that many are not honest and interpret a study based on an agenda.  I found several studies that were referenced by authors that stated them as facts when the results of the studies were not statistically significant.  Who's gonna check their references, right? 

Freaking unbelievable!!

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Vote YES on Prop 37 to Reguire GMO Labeling

Here is a new GMO music video by Mike Adams on our right to know what is in our food by labeling products that are genetically modified.  It is only a couple of minutes long and very cute.  If you haven't seen what happened to guinea pigs in a French GMO Study, you should also check out that posting.  If you live in California, please vote and vote YES on Proposition 37 which would require companies to label products that contain genetically modified ingredients. 

Just Label It - Music Video by Mike Adams -

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Russia Bans GM Corn Imports After Cancer Findings

If you are not petrified of eating non-organic corn after reading the attached article then I don't know what would scare you.  Most corn on the market is genetically modified.  I believe the number is around 85% of corn.  The only way you can guarantee not eating genetically modified products is to buy organic.  I only buy organic corn, even popcorn.  My only exception was going to the theater but after finding out about the results of the French study in which guinea pigs grew huge tumors (see below) after being fed a lifetime of GM corn, I won't be buying popcorn at the theater either.  By the way, a majority of soy (~70%)on the market is genetically modified also.  You should never buy corn or soy that is not organic if you care about your health.  Check packages because most processed foods have either soy or corn in them.  Better yet, just don't buy processed foods.  Eat organic whole foods, especially corn, soy, and russet potatoes (yeah, Monsanto has tampered with these veggies too). 

Below are the pictures of the guinea pigs (poor animals) with tumors.  Click on the link below the pictures for additional information regarding GMOs and the French study.

Russia bans all GM corn imports; EU may also ban Monsanto GMO in wake of shocking cancer findings

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Does Sunlight Cause Skin Cancer?

If you ever wondered if sunlight causes skin cancer and spending money on sunscreen is worth it, then wonder no more.  Sunlight does not cause skin cancer.  The billion dollar cancer industry and the cosmetic industry (companies that produce sunscreen) would like you to believe sunlight causes cancer. 

Did you ever wonder how our ancestors worked on farms and spent so much time outdoors without getting cancer? 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Lost Freedoms? Gathering Rainwater, Etc.

This excellent video was made by Mike Adams of  It is about the rainwater laws in Oregon and a man who got arrested for gathering rainwater on his own property.  It is only 15 minutes and worth watching.

Well the video really makes me think about many lost freedoms.  As mentioned in the video, do you think you own your house after you pay it off?  Try not paying your property taxes and see if you still own your house.  In Nevada, after two years, the state will own it.  Property taxes is nothing but rent to the state for your house.  Do you ever get to stop paying property taxes?  No!  Then how is it you ever own your house?  How have we, the American people, allowed our government to control our property and our rights? 

Do you think rainwater is free?  Apparently not in the state of Oregon.  If you haven't watched the video, Oregon does not allow for the collection of rainwater on your own property.  A man was arrested for doing just that.  He built ponds on his many acres of land and was arrested.  The state of Oregon has a law claiming all rights to water, including rainwater.  It is legal in Oregon, however, to collect rainwater from artificial places like the roof of your house but if you build a pond on your own land to collect rainwater, you will be arrested.  Doesn't the state want people to help wildlife and be self-sufficient?  Does our government want us to be completely dependent on them for everything including the water we drink?  What about solar energy?  Are we allowed to build our own panels and live off the grid or are we by law required to be connected to the grid?  

When I think about how our privacy over the past few decades has been stripped away, it literally makes me vomit.  Just over 100 years ago, you could actually own your land, drive without a driver's license and registration, and see a doctor without worrying about your medical files being hacked into and seen by the world.  Of course, we didn't have credit cards or social security.  Are these really a benefit or another way to control people?  Credit cards make it handy to purchase items but how much have we really gained from using them?  How many people have gone bankrupt from going into debt from using credit cards?  Social security seems like a wonderful program in theory but is it?  We all have a number attached to us like we are products and not people.  We can't seem to do anything without our "number" these days.  Can you get a loan? Apply for health insurance?  Open a bank account? Maybe it would be good if we couldn't get a loan or get health insurance.  What would happen if everyone refused health insurance?  Would doctors not accept you?  They want to make money, right?  Maybe rates on all medical services would come down.  

What did our ancestors do without a SS#.  Just look at the symbol SS and rearrange.  Hm.  Makes you think, doesn't it.  I just read a fiction book called "Bar Code Tattoo".  It is the year 2025.  Everyone must get a bar code tattoo on their wrist or top of their back when they turn 17.  You can't buy anything without the bar code tattoo.  Embedded in the bar code tattoo is your genetic code, health information, credit history.  The people who have an excellent genetic code and health get promotions and are treated better.  Other's lives are  destroyed.  People over 80 mysteriously die if they go in the hospital for any reason.  Makes me think of the book "1984" by Orwell.  Not to far fetched when you see what is happening in the world.  

Back to SS.  Would we really need SS if we didn't have outrageous health care costs and actually owned our property after it was paid off?  Would we need SS if there was no inflation?  There was no inflation prior to the Federal Reserve.  Bet most people didn't know that and I bet most people do not know that the Federal Reserve is NOT a government agency.  It is a private agency run by the richest in the world to control our money.  Think about it.  If we all grew our own food (assuming it is legal), owned our property (assuming no property taxes after our house is paid for), owned non-licensed vehicles only (scooters, bikes, electric bikes, horses, etc.), had wood burning stoves and solar energy (off the grid), and bartered with friends and family, would we need help from the government?  We probably wouldn't have much need for money at all.  If we grew our own food, we would also be healthier and need little health care.  Bring back the naturopaths, herbalists, and homeopaths.  Conventional medicine would then be mostly for emergencies only. Maybe there could be a community fund to help those in need.  How did we go from being independent Americans to being slaves to our government.  We even allow the government to search our bodies or radiate us at the airport.  Anyway, I could go on and on but I won't.  Just my dream.  

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Is Soda Harmful to Your Body?

If you have any question whether drinking soda is harmful to your body, take a look at this life insurance poster and you'll know for sure.  Soda, both diet and regular, is extremely harmful to your body and your wallet.  Do your self a favor and give up soda.  Put all the money you save in a bank.  You'll be richer and healthier.

Harmful Soda
Via: Term">">Term Life Insurance

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Organic Gardening

My garden is doing awesome this year.  I'm growing cherry tomatoes, basil, chives, parsley, onions, crookneck squash, peppers, carrots, radishes, oregano, rosemary and strawberries.  The crookneck squash was purchased.  The rest were grown from seed.   This is the third year I've grown strawberries with little success of fruit.  If someone could tell me how to grow strawberries to produce and to keep to ants from eating them that would be great.  So unless the strawberries start producing, they will be removed at the end of this growing season.  This is the first year I've grown squash and so far they have been little problem.  The produce beautiful yellow flowers and are now starting to grow many squash.    I've already been harvesting

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Could You Have Intestinal Parasites?

On June 26, Dr. Oz discussed intestinal worms.  I never gave it much thought until he said that 40 million Americans could have parasites or intestinal worms.  Children are particularly vulnerable since they like playing in dirt and putting their fingers in their mouth.  It gives me the creepy crawlies just thinking about the possibility of worms living in my intestines!  Ugh!  So with a little more research and watching his segment on worms, I came up with some advice for those that are now worrying if that could be why they are tired, losing weight, bloated, and have symptoms of IBS.  How do you know if you have worms and what can you do to get rid of them if you do?  Better yet, how can you prevent worms in the first place.  So here's the low down on these pesty parasites.

What are the common symptoms of parasites in humans?  

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Danger of Genetically Engineered Food

Congress just voted against the labeling of genetically modified (GM) foods.  GM foods have proven to be toxic to lab animals and to the environment because heavy pesticides and herbicides are used on GM crops.  I may not be a lab animal but I prefer to know if I am buying GM foods because I prefer NOT to buy these toxic products not only for the sake of my health and my family's health but for the sake of the health of the environment.  Unfortunately, unless I buy all organic foods, there is no guarantee I am buying non-GMO food. 

Please read the following article (by clicking on the link) on why genetically engineered food is not safe and the many myths surrounding GM foods including how they are suppose to stop world hunger but are actually causing more of it.   

Why Genetically Engineered Food is Dangerous: New Report

Sun Exposure Decreases Cancer Risk

A new study has shown that sun exposure reduces pancreatic cancer risk by 50 percent (see link for full article at Natural News).  Vitamin D is critical for health and studies have shown a significant number of Americans are low in vitamin D.  And no wonder.  Most of us are either sitting in an office chair or on our sofa watching TV or playing video games.  When we do venture outside, we lather up with sunscreen. 

The only way to get vitamin D is from the sun, foods with vitamin D added, or by taking a nutritional supplement. If you always put sunscreen on when you go outside, then you need to take a supplement because there just isn't enough vitamin D in food to get your recommended daily allowance which has been adjusted to 1,000 IU from 400 IU.  Your risk of skin cancer is probably higher if you lather the toxic lotions on every day during the summer than just going out in the sun.  My suggestion is that you spend the first 15 -20 minutes out in the sun without sunscreen and then add a no toxic brand to prevent sun burns and premature aging.   

Sun exposure reduces pancreatic cancer risk by nearly 50 percent

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Instead of banning soda, maybe it's time we banned stupid government bans

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(NaturalNews) As the Health Ranger, I'm on the record strongly opposing soda consumption. Years ago, I wrote the popular self-help guide, "The Five Soft Drink Monsters," which helps soda addicts get off sodas and transition to healthier drinks like tea or water ( Yet even I think the sudden wave of interest in nanny-state cities like New York and Cambridge wanting to ban soda sales is pure insanity.

For starters, I'm trying to wrap my head around the idea that states are increasingly decriminalizing marijuana even as they are moving toward criminalizing sodas. Before long, if a New York police officer happens upon a gang banger smoking a joint and drinking a Big Gulp soda, the kid will be arrested for the soda, not the joint!

What this is going to lead to, if we're not careful, is the Department of Homeland Soda Security (DHSS), with 50,000 new agents roaming the streets, groping your genitals (just like the TSA) in order to see if you might be carrying "illegal soda" in your pants. "Is that a 16 oz. soda in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?"

How to turn everything into a crime

This police state / nanny state insanity has got to stop in America. The TSA, for its part, has never caught a single terrorist, yet the agency itself has terrorized tens of millions of Americans. It has become the source of fear and terrorism in America.

The Department of Homeland Security, for its part, has only been effective at raising domestic paranoia and turning normal behaviors into suspected crimes. So now, to top it off, we get these completely insane privacy-invading, micro-managing nanny bureaucrats like Bloomberg and now Cambridge Mayor Henrietta Davis who think that they can solve all the world's problems if we just give them enough power to dominate and control our lives.

It starts with criminalizing soda "possession," followed by arrests of people caught with "intent to distribute" soda. From there, it escalates into two guys who talked about distributing soda and are now being charged with "conspiracy to distribute an illegal substance," which is of course a felony. Can you imagine these people winding up in the joint, next to a violent rapist who asks, "What are you in for?"


It doesn't even stop with soda. As the nanny state insanity escalates, before long you're facing prison time for using too many sheets of toilet paper in a public restroom monitored by TSA security cameras manned by government perverts and pedophiles (who else?). Before you know it, you've got government "mattress inspectors" conducting warrantless searches into your home, confirming you haven't removed the safety warning tag off your mattress. If the government has its way, the average person will commit a dozen crimes before leaving the house in the morning, and then the police state goon squads can selectively enforce all their arcane, ninnying laws against political enemies or those who speak out against the government.

That's what this is coming to. Be careful any time you surrender power to the State. You're just begging to be censored, suppressed and have your rights stolen away by all the liberal "do gooder" Big Government worshippers who think a perfect world is one in which citizens are utterly enslaved and completely dominated by well-intentioned bureaucrats.

The real contradiction: Big sodas are illegal unless they contain aspartame

The real hilarity in these soda bans becomes apparent when you realize the bans don't apply to diet soda! So as long as your 16 oz. soda contains the brain-damaging chemical known as aspartame (, the state allows you to drink as much as you want!

So it's not really a ban on all the harmful ingredients sodas contain such as phosphoric acid, a highly acidic substance that causes kidney stones and bone mineral depletion. Pepsi's lawyers recently admitted this acid is so powerful it can dissolve a mouse and turn it into a gel-like substance ( This acid is present both in regular sodas and diet sodas.

The soda ban, it seems, is really just a ban on sodas made with high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), which has suddenly become the enemy of choice in an irrational world of nutritionally illiterate bureaucrats. Sure, HFCS is bad for your health and promotes diabetes and obesity, but aspartame promotes seizures and blindness, and it remains perfectly acceptable to Mayor Bloomberg. After all, what would New York City be without a few seizure cases on the sidewalk?

What's really extraordinary is what Bloomberg did not ban. There is no ban on cancer-causing sodium nitrite in hot dogs, sausages, bacon and beef jerky. So you can eat your way to pancreatic cancer with the full approval of the Mayor, but if you dare sip a drink of some corn syrup, then all of a sudden you're a bad person.

There was no ban on MSG, either. So you can eat your way to obesity, diabetes and hormone disorders, wolfing down MSG snack chips and jerky treats, and the Mayor is fine with all that.

So it's not about protecting the health of the people, you see. If that were true, he would ban the far more dangerous foods and snacks sold throughout New York City. It's really about scoring political points by appearing to be the "protector" of the citizens.

And this, my friends, is the most dangerous role of government: Be on red alert any time you hear, "We're from the government, and we're here to protect you from yourself."

We're from the government, and we're here to protect you from yourself!

These are quite possibly the twelve most dangerous words ever uttered in America. Because from this illogical and liberty-crushing premise, the government can justify any and all invasions of your privacy. It can surveil your home power usage through Smart Meters. It can install chemical sensors in your toilet to see if you're using recreational drugs. It can (and does) read your email, monitor your phone calls and scan your back yard using high altitude military spy drones. It's all done for your own protection, didn't you know?

Such is the mantra of every police state: We're monitoring you for your own protection!

If you diverge from the currently accepted, politically-motivated pattern of "normalcy," you suddenly become an enemy of the state. Are you trying to grow medicinal herbs in your own yard? That's not acceptable! The bureaucrats destroy the garden! ( and (

Are you home schooling your children and keeping them away from vaccines? You're an enemy of the state, didn't you know? And the state will bring guns to your home, kidnap your children, and force them to be vaccinated at gunpoint. (

Are you buying ammunition for preparedness? You're "hoarding ammo!" And clearly, that makes you a nut job even though the largest hoarder of ammo is the United States government itself, and the Department of Homeland Security specifically (

See, once you abandon liberty and allow the government to micro-manage everything in your life, you are no longer a free citizen living in a free society. You're just a subservient slave to the system. And the system -- the government -- is run by insane people on a power trip. They are never satisfied with their power and seek to dominate and control every little detail of our lives to the point of total enslavement.

Maybe it's time to ban stupid government bans

There is one thing we should ban, however: government bans that target the People.

It's time to end all the stupid, politically-calculated, freedom crushing bans that have been put in place by federal, state and local governments. No more banning industrial hemp farming or even medical marijuana use. No bans on food choice. No bans on home gardening. No bans on owning gold, or ammo, or even legal firearms.

Corporate bans, in contrast, make perfect sense, since corporations have no souls, no compassion, no ethics and no morals. Corporations must be banned from dumping toxic chemicals into the river, selling poison and calling it food, or ripping off senior citizens with complex financial scams. If there's anywhere that regulations and bans are needed, it's in the world of corporations, not the world of individuals.

Heck, maybe it's time to just ban big government and get back to a society based on liberty. There's already a blueprint for such a society; it's called the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and these documents specifically say that all powers not granted to the federal government are reserved to the states, or to the People. Virtually every federal regulatory body operating in America today operates in outright violation of the Constitution, including the DEA, ATF, DHS, TSA, FDA, USDA, FTC, FCC, and even the failed Department of Education.

Because if we're really going to talk about banning things in America, we should probably start by banning all the rogue, out-of-control federal agencies that prey upon the American people as tyrants. Instead of banning soda, in other words, maybe we should just ban tyranny in America.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


 Updated March 9, 2017

My book Natural Remedies for Essential Tremor has been published as of January 2017. This three year project is the most complete book on ET available.  It answers the following questions

1. What is ET and how does it differ from other tremor conditions?
2. What are the possible causes of ET?
3. What is the risk of developing ET? Is there a genetic link?
4. What are the most common symptoms of ET?
5. How is ET diagnosed? How common are misdiagnoses? How not to get misdiagnosed.    
6. What drug treatments are available to treat ET and what are their success rates?
7. What surgeries are available and what are the risks of each?
8. What are the most important diet changes you can make to reduce, and in some cases, eliminate symptoms?
9. What environmental factors can significantly worsen ET and what to do about them? 
10. What lifestyle choices have the most impact on tremors?
11. What nutritional supplements (type and brand) are the most effective for calming tremors? 
12. What alternative treatments may help further healing? 

The link below contains recommended supplements for essential tremor in the HFC store. I update these store pages periodically depending on ET research or brands available. You should start with a good multivitamin, magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, and GABA. However, it is important to purchase the book because ET is much more complicated than just taking supplements.  Supplements will only help so much if there are other factors affecting your recovery. For instance, if you are drinking 4 cups of coffee a day, supplements may only provide minimal reduction in tremors. With any medical condition, it is always important to research as much as possible to rule out other factors besides familial (family related) reasons that may be triggering your tremors. I not only did that research, I interpreted the information saving you weeks and months of time. As an added bonus, if you buy the paperback, you can purchase the Kindle version for just 99 cents more. 

Updated November 13, 2017: To purchase the paperback book, click on any book cover link in this posting or the link tor the right side of the page. To purchase the Kindle version, click on the link for the Kindle book on the right side of the page 

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave a comment below or contact me at

Best of health,
Donna M. Gagnon, ND, CNC

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


This is an update for my Eating Healthy on a Budget posting at the beginning of this year.  I eliminated all processed foods, and added meat back into my diet.  The reason I added meat back into my diet was to see if it would give me more energy after being a vegetarian for many years.  By saying I eliminated processed foods means I eliminated snacks, cold cereals, frozen foods such as pizza, french toast, waffles, egg rolls, vegetarian burgers, and tortillas, and soy products such as soy milk, ground meat, soy burgers, and sandwich meats. One of the reasons I added meat was for the protein after eliminating the processed soy products which I don't think are any healthier than other processed foods.  The test was to see if I would save money and feel better on a less processed diet.  So here are the results.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Coffee and Lower Depression

There is a new study that links lower depression rates with drinking coffee.  That's great since I drink a cup of coffee almost every morning.  There are other ways to alleviate depression besides drinking coffee and prescription drugs.  See my post called 5 Natural Ways to Alleviate Depression for some more suggestions.  

Coffee drinking is also linked

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Genetically Modified Salmon Labeling

Is this salmon genetically modified?  No way to tell without labeling.

Thanks to Monsanto, the FDA is on the brink of approving genetically engineered salmon for human consumption. This would be the first genetically engineered animal on supermarket shelves in the United States.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Paula Deen and Type II Diabetes

For days now, I've been watching the news on television and reading articles on the Internet about Paula Deen's high fat diet causing her Type II Diabetes.   Too much southern fried chicken?  High fat diets do NOT cause Type II Diabetes.   This myth has been going on for decades now.  This myth has gone on because people who are overweight are at higher risk of Diabetes and therefore the assumption that high fat diets cause Diabetes continues.  

Monday, January 16, 2012

5 Strategies for Healthy Skin

Having great skin does not come from applying expensive lotions and creams.  Chemical peels and laser treatments can help improve skin but if you do not take care of your skin from the inside out, those expensive treatments will only be temporary. 

  1. Take Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics.  Many skin conditions such as dandruff, eczema, nail infections, and acne are related to bacteria build up.  Taking antibiotics can make these conditions worse.  Taking digestive enzymes with probiotics can repopulate your intestines with healthy bacteria and stomach with enzymes for digesting the nutrients you eat.  It is best to take digestive enzymes and probiotics with meals.  

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What's in Your Kitchen for Common Ailments?

You probably didn't know that the common ingredients that you use in your cooking can actually help you in a time of need.  Instead of running to the pharmacy, try these natural remedies first.

Arthritis and joint pain - use turmeric in cooking for soups, sauces, and stir-fry vegetables.  The ingredient in turmeric, curcumin, has been shown to ease arthritis pain and inflammation.

Nausea and stomach upset - make tea with grated ginger to alleviate nausea or drink ginger ale made with real ginger.  Or try a cup of peppermint tea.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Eating Healthy on a Budget

For the months of January, February, and March, I am (and have been) purchasing only what is necessary for our family's health.  That means no processed foods including chips, candy, pastries, ice cream, alcohol, red meats, luncheon meats, and bread.  We are purchasing only the following:

  1. Fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables
  2. Whole grains (brown rice, quinoa, millet, oats) and whole grain pastas 
  3. Various flours including wheat, barley, and oat for making muffins and breads
  4. Beans and nuts (peanuts, peanut butter, almonds, and walnuts)
  5. Organic eggs, organic chicken, organic turkey, whole milk hormone-free plain yogurt, and organic Parmesan cheese for toppings on vegetarian pasta and salads
  6. Butter, olive oil, and coconut oil
  7. Minimal amount of herbs and spices (sea salt, pepper, garlic powder, chili powder, basil, parsley)
  8. Minimal amount of honey and maple syrup for sweetening

The above ingredients include everything needed for a balanced diet and good health.  There's carbohydrates (#'s 1, 2 and 3), protein (#'s 2, 3, 4 and 5), and fats (#'s 4, 5 and 6).   Vegetarians will probably tell me I don't chicken or turkey and vegans will tell me I don't need eggs, yogurt, or butter either.  Maybe not but I have been a vegetarian for many years and find that my energy is usually low even when eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, and whole grain foods.  So I'm going to be a flexitarian for a while.  A flexitarian is someone who is a vegetarian most of the time with occasional meat and dairy added.  So I plan on eating poultry once or twice a week, eggs a couple of times a week, yogurt a couple of times per week, butter in cooking and on toast, and Parmesan cheese to top pasta for added flavor and protein.  This change from my prior diet will increase protein and saturated fats.  Yes, saturated fats.  You're probably thinking how is eating saturated fats healthier?  There is little connection between heart disease and saturated fats or cholesterol.  Your body needs cholesterol to metabolize hormones.  There IS a strong connection between heart disease and trans fats (hydrogenated) and overuse of vegetable oils (especially canola), however, so stay away from them.   

I am doing this experiment for the 3 reasons:
  1. Save money
  2. Health
  3. Energy 
Will we save money on our grocery bill?  Will our health improve?  Will we sleep better, feel better, and have less aches and pains?  Will we have more energy?  We'll see.  I'm on day 10 of this journey and so far don't feel any different except I am enjoying my food more and have a little more energy.  We made bread and blueberry muffins yesterday.  Delicious!!  A few days ago, I made a large pot of my vegetarian soup but added one pound of ground turkey meat instead of vegan ground meat or beans like I usually use.  So I guess the soup is no longer vegetarian.  The pot made 8 servings so each bowl of soup had only 2 ounces of meat.  Again, it was delicious!!  Next time I plan on making the vegetarian soup vegetarian with beans instead of meat.  I'm going to rotate between both meat and beans.   

If anyone would like to join me on this journey, please do and let me know how you are doing.

Caution:  Before starting any new exercise program or diet plan, please consult your primary care physician.

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