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 Updated March 9, 2017

My book Natural Remedies for Essential Tremor has been published as of January 2017. This three year project is the most complete book on ET available.  It answers the following questions

1. What is ET and how does it differ from other tremor conditions?
2. What are the possible causes of ET?
3. What is the risk of developing ET? Is there a genetic link?
4. What are the most common symptoms of ET?
5. How is ET diagnosed? How common are misdiagnoses? How not to get misdiagnosed.    
6. What drug treatments are available to treat ET and what are their success rates?
7. What surgeries are available and what are the risks of each?
8. What are the most important diet changes you can make to reduce, and in some cases, eliminate symptoms?
9. What environmental factors can significantly worsen ET and what to do about them? 
10. What lifestyle choices have the most impact on tremors?
11. What nutritional supplements (type and brand) are the most effective for calming tremors? 
12. What alternative treatments may help further healing? 

The link below contains recommended supplements for essential tremor in the HFC store. I update these store pages periodically depending on ET research or brands available. You should start with a good multivitamin, magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, and GABA. However, it is important to purchase the book because ET is much more complicated than just taking supplements.  Supplements will only help so much if there are other factors affecting your recovery. For instance, if you are drinking 4 cups of coffee a day, supplements may only provide minimal reduction in tremors. With any medical condition, it is always important to research as much as possible to rule out other factors besides familial (family related) reasons that may be triggering your tremors. I not only did that research, I interpreted the information saving you weeks and months of time. As an added bonus, if you buy the paperback, you can purchase the Kindle version for just 99 cents more. 

Updated November 13, 2017: To purchase the paperback book, click on any book cover link in this posting or the link tor the right side of the page. To purchase the Kindle version, click on the link for the Kindle book on the right side of the page 

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