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What is Essential Tremor?
Essential Tremor (ET) benign condition of the nervous system that causes a rhythmic shaking.  It involves small, rapid movements usually in the hands but can also occur in the head, eyelids, or other muscles.  ET is sometimes confused with Parkinson's.  However, the shaking in those with ET is usually happens during movement whereas the shaking in those with Parkinson's usually occurs when there is no movement (hands on lap or by the side).  The tremor rarely affects the legs or feet. People with ET may have trouble holding or using small objects such as silverware or writing utensils.  Everyone has some tremor but the movements are so small that they are not noticeable.  ET is more common in people older than 65 but can happen at any age.

What Causes Essential Tremor?
Tremors occur when there is a problem with the nerves that supply certain muscles. Some research suggests that the part of the brain that controls muscles movements does not work correctly in patients with ET however the exact cause is not known.

ET can also occur with other brain and nervous system problems such as parkinson's disease and certain nerve conditions passed down through families.  Many times, ET occurs in more than one member of a family.  When multiple family members have ET, it is called a Familial Tremor. This suggests that genes may play a role in its cause.  You only need to get the gene from one parent to develop the tremor. Familial Tremor often starts in early middle age, but may be seen in people who are older or younger.

What are Specific Symptoms of Essential Tremor?
1)  Head nodding
2)  Shaking or quivering sound to the voice if the tremor affects the voice box
3)  Problems with writing, drawing, drinking from a cup, or using tools 
4)  Occur when you move (action-related tremor), and may be less noticeable with rest
5)  May come and go, but often get worse as you age
6)  May get worse with stress, caffeine, and certain medications
7)  May not affect both sides of the body the same way

How is Essential Tremor Diagnosed?
Your doctor can make the diagnosis by performing a physical exam and asking questions about your medical and personal history.  A physical exam will show shaking with movement, usually small movements that are faster than 5 times per second. There are usually no problems with coordination or mental function.

The following tests should also be performed to rule out other reasons for the tremors:
1)  Smoking and smokeless tobacco
2)  Overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism)
3)  Alcohol withdrawal (suddenly stopping alcohol after drinking a lot for a long time)
4)  Too much caffeine
5)  Anxiety disorder
6)  Use of certain medications including all medications that contain caffeine
7)  Blood tests and imaging studies (such as a CT scan of the head, brain MRI, and x-rays) are usually normal.

What Medicines are there for the Treatment of Essential Tremor?

The following pharmaceuticals are commonly used in the treatment of ET.  Like all prescription medication, they come with their own set of problems or side affects.

A)  Propranolol, a beta blocker - side affects of Propranolol may include fatigue, stuffy nose, slow heart beat, and worsening of asthma.
B)  Primidone, a drug used to treat seizures - side affects of Primidone may include drowsiness, problems concentrating, nausea, problems with walking, balance, and problems with coordination.
Other medications that may help with tremors include:
C)  Antiseizure drugs such as gabapentin and topiramate
D)  Mild tranquilizers such as alprazolam or clonazepam
E)  Blood pressure drugs called calcium-channel blockers such as flunarizine and nimodipine
F)  Botox injections, given in the hand, have been used to reduce tremors by weakening local muscles.

Can Surgery Help with Essential Tremors?

According to the National Institute of Health, in severe cases, surgery may help.  Focusing high-powered x-rays on a small area of the brain (stereotactic radiosurgery) and implanting a stimulating device in the brain to signal the area that controls movement.  For more information, see the links below.

Are There Any Natural Remedies to Help with Essential Tremors?

Before trying any natural remedies, you should eliminate any factors that may be causing your tremors or causing your tremors to get worse.  Anxiety, stress, caffeine (in some medications), smoking, and alcohol can all cause tremors.  Hormone imbalances and a brain tumor can also cause tremors. Some medications can also cause tremors or cause them to be worse so talk to your doctor and pharmacist. Do NOT change or stop medications on your own.  

Step One: Stress is the number one cause of all diseases. Since ET is a neurological disorder, stress can be the main or contributing factor. If you have chronic stress in your life, all the natural supplements in the world won't get rid of all the tremor until you resolve the stress. If you hate your job, quit or start looking for a new one. The process of looking for a job will reduce stress alone. If you are in a bad relationship, get out. If you don't know what is causing your stress, then meditate and/or practice yoga. Meditation brings clarity to your mind and relaxes the nerves. Once the chronic stress in your life is gone, then move on to the next step. 

Nutritional supplements that calm the nerves are worth trying.  The first recommendation is omega-3s fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids coat the myelin of the nerves. Omega-3s help keep the neurons healthy and reduce inflammation.  Inflammation may cause symptoms to be worse as it does with most conditions in our body. The modern American diet has too much omega-6 compared to omega-3. Take a good quality cod liver or fish oil. If you are vegan, you can take flaxseed oil but it does not work as well as fish oil. 

The second recommendation is to take a balanced B-complex. Be sure to get a good quality balanced B-complex in a whole food form if you can afford it.  A dose of 50mg-100mg is a good place to start.  You can also start with a lower dose such as 25mg but you may not see results as quickly. B vitamins are nerve vitamins. If you are a Vegan (not a good diet for someone with tremors), then take extra B12. B vitamins are found in whole grains, egg yolks, peas, beans, leafy green vegetables, dairy (organic milk and cheeses), and poultry.  B vitamins are NOT found in processed foods.  If you eat mostly processed foods, it's time to change your ways.  Stay away from white flours and white rice like you would poison.

Garden for Life, New Chapter, and Alive sell whole food supplements. If you can afford them then great. Now Foods also has good quality supplements at much lower prices. They also have the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) quality seal. The GMP quality seal means you know the supplement was made in a safe, clean environment and what the label says is in the bottle is actually in the bottle. 

The third recommendation is the mineral magnesium. Magnesium, like many minerals, is low in our diet due to poor soil conditions. Magnesium is so calming that too much of it works as a laxative (like Milk of Magnesia).  Foods high in magnesium include sesame seeds, beans, nuts, and leafy greens.

The fourth recommendation is the herb Valerian.  Valerian is an herb that calms the nerves and helps you sleep.  It is the herb from which the drug Valium is derived.  The difference between the two, however, is potency.  In the Valerian or natural form, it has a milder affect on the body.  Valerian is best taken before bed to help you relax and sleep better.  

The fifth and sixth recommendations are the herbs Skullcap and Passion Flower. These are also calming like Valerian but can cause dizziness. Therefore, these herbs are not recommended for those prone to dizziness but may be worth a try for those with no prior history.  Starting a lower dose is recommended.

None of these remedies should interact with each other.  However, before taking any herb or supplement, you should talk to your health care provider especially if you are on prescription meds because some herbs may interact with them (usually make them more or less effective). 
You can buy these supplements and others through Amazon by clicking on HFC Store at the top of the page, then Health Fitness Cafe Store, and then on the link called Essential Tremor to the left of the page.  You can also click on Essential Tremor Supplements at the bottom of this page.  All the work is done for you.  We have chosen the best quality supplements at reasonable prices that Amazon has to offer.  We have also included other supplements not discussed here that may be helpful. Just read the description under each product for more information. You will also find some great calming herbal teas.  The herb teas will have the the same herbs at a much lower strength than the bottled herbs.  We do not receive any money from these companies.  Only a very small percent comes from Amazon.  You will pay the same price here as you would going directly to  So if you do decide to purchase, please support us by doing so through our store so that we can continue to bring important news on essential tremor and other health related topics.  

Suggestions for Making Daily Activities Easier

1)  Buy clothes with Velcro fasteners or button hooks
2)  Cook and eat with utensils that have a large handle
3)  Use straws to drink
4)  Wear slip-on shoes and use shoehorns

Disclaimer:  This blog is for educational purposes only.  Any changes in diet, movement, medications, or nutritional supplements should be approved by your primary care physician.

For more information on ET, see the following sources:

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  1. Great post. Thanks.
    Any info or thoughts on ketogenic diets with movement disorders?
    Pubmed has a few studies that show promise but they are small studies.

    1. Thanks. There has been some research using the ketogenic diet especially as it relates to Alzheimer's. It is definitely worth a try for those with essential tremor and other movement disorders. I will do some more research. Thanks for your comment. Donna

  2. It's good to know that the treatment for essential tremor is developing. Taking up medications like Tremadone can greatly help in decreasing the movement. Choice Public can be considered on this matter.

  3. There are some essential oils that are supposed to help like nutmeg & narcissus. Although, it gets kind of expensive.

    1. Thanks. I will look into it. I am still doing research and will be updating this post. Donna

  4. Been dealing with this all my life. I get a lot of criticism about it. But, I just tell people I can still thread a needle much of the time. Until I came here I never new there was help for this sort of nerological problem. Over time I've just learned to deal with it. I've had these "tremors" since I was a child. I'm now 36. Its tough sometimes.

    1. I*'m not sure why anyone would criticize you. This is not something you can help. I hope some of my suggestions help you. Good luck.

    2. I get criticized too. I am 38, and also have had it all of my life. Before I knew the name of it we just called it the shaky disease. Then we came into contact with my lost sister and she is a generation older than me. Well we found that most of the women on my dad's side of the family has this. She is the only sister of mine that has this other than me.

  5. Thank you for perfect explains that you offering.I hop that that you succeed in life yours.
    I learned so much about this disease and remedy ways.

  6. I would like to know from where I can get best PCT supplements at low-priced rates. Please advise me any online store if you know, those giving this nutritional supplements..

  7. I am not a user nor do I know enough about PCT supplements to recommend them. Amazon seems to be the lowest price for most supplements.

  8. This was so helpful! I get very embarrassed or nervous what people will think when I am out.. Which makes my tremors worse.. It really does suck sometimes :( I was asked to take a picture and couldn't because my hand wouln't stop shaking I was already so nervous that night cause I was meeting the guy I like.. It's so frustrating and I'm afraid somebody will ask and ill get upset cause I can't control it

    1. I was so embarrassed also everyone saying have you eat...yes...are you your shaking. I think I lost my job because of it haven't worked in two weeks now..just the bullying and laughing needs to stop and I'm 26 years old..I went to eat couldn't keep nothing on the fork maybe one day there will be a cure. Stay strong and I'll keep you in my prayers

    2. I am so sorry you are both going through this embarrassment. People can be so cruel and ignorant. Jessica, have you been tested to rule out medical conditions? You are very young to have ET. Do you have relatives with ET? I'm wondering if your tremors are environmentally or medically caused. There is a condition called Wilson disease that is treatable that can cause tremors. I doubt that's it because it is rare but you never know. Anyway, supplements with GABA, chamomile, passionflower, and 5-HTP (not to be taken with antidepressants) can also be very helpful for tremors. There is a new device for eating that is suppose to counter the tremors. It is expensive, though, at $295. The website is I will be writing an update soon on ET so check back. This is a very popular topic on my blog so you two are not alone. Good luck to both of you. :)

    3. I have inherited ET from my father. I am now 77 and have started having the first signs when I was around 50. It started in my right hand but then moved to my left hand while my right hand is not that bad. I have found that a glass of wine or tot of whisky BEFORE I start eating helps a lot. But I do this only when I dine out in a restaurant. I try to eat food which I can eat with just a fork, such as pasta, using my right hand. When I eat meat and have to also use a knife, I find it a bit embarrassing due to the clicking sound of the knife when cutting the meat !

  9. Mostly no Benign Essential Tremor Treatment is needed and tremors may be relieved by some simple measures such as resting well, avoiding caffeine, avoiding stimulants present in over the counter medications and avoiding temperature extremities. Medical treatment of benign essential tremor includes beta blockers such as propranolol,atenolol,metoprolol, nadolol and aotalol, anti-seizure medications such as primidone, gabapentin and topiramate, benzodiazepines, antipsychotics such as clonazepam and alprazolam, tranquilizers and botulinum injections. Surgery is another option. There two surgical procedures that can be done. First procedure is deep brain stimulation having side effects such as motor control, problems with speech, balance, headaches and weakness. Thalamotomy is the second option. Physical therapy to improve muscle strength, control and coordination and occupational therapy to help adapt living with benign essential tremors is suggested.

  10. I've been dealing with essential tremors for a long time now. I've tried a variety of treatments with so-so results, but recently I've been using a product called TremorAid that I purchased on Amazon with great results. I read some Tremoraid Reviews on a forum where someone was speaking well about it so I decided to give it a try. I purchased it here:
    Thus far I have to say Tremoraid is the best natural treatment that I've tried thus far. Happy with it, and will continue to take it.

    1. Thanks. Good to know about this product. It makes sense because the product has GABA, magnesium, N-acetyl cysteine (helps support GABA), and skullcap. GABA, an inhibitory neurotransmitter, is commonly low in people with ET. Magnesium is low or deficient in the average American diet and skullcap is a nervous system relaxant herb. Magnesium is critical to the health of the heart and central nervous system. Keep me posted on your continued progress.

  11. Spamming is prohibited on this blog so please do not do it. Your comment will be removed and flagged as spam. All other comments and legitimate suggestions are always welcome.

  12. Hi I think I have ET but have not been officially diagnosed. I looked at this blog and bought Tremoraid. I also cut out caffeine, and am trying to relax, not get anxious and eat right as well as get sleep, but with life in general it is hard. I wait tables and am going to school ( hopefully to be a nurse) My old doctor ( I recently moved to go to school) talked with me about it over the phone and prescribed me propranolol. I haven't started on it because the side effects scare me (especially the depression part as I suffer from it, which my doctor knows about). I like the tremoraid and think it might be helping - kinda hard to tell if it is that or the other things I am doing. I am really nervous about starting the propranolol, any thoughts anyone?

    1. Before taking prescription drugs, I would try natural methods first and rule out environmental and dietary factors first. Are you taking any medication currently that may cause tremors such as decongestants, antidepressants, amphetamines, or thyroid medication (hypothyroid)? Do you have exposure to any chemicals in your work or home? Do you have high exposure to electromagnetic fields. If you carry a cell phone, it should be shut off when not in use and especially when sleeping. Fatigue, stress, and lack of sleep can cause anxiety and trigger tremors. Sounds like your doing a lot. Tremoraid has good ingredients but it is expensive and does not have enough magnesium for anyone, never mind someone with tremors. Imbalance of estrogen can cause tremors. You should have your hormone balances checked especially if you are over 35, when estrogen levels fluctuate. My recommendation is to add at least 400 mg of magnesium (up to 800 mg) and take it close to bedtime. Magnesium will help with sleep. If you take over 400 mg (might want to at first to get levels up), divide the dose between morning and night. B-complex and omega-3 supplements are also very important for the nervous system and brain neurons. You can also try taking melatonin an hour before bed. Are you eating well? Besides caffeine, stay away from sugar, aspartame (causes tremors and destroys brain cells), and modern wheat. Modern wheat messes with the gut because it has been engineered to have very high gluten. Substitute spelt wheat or non-gluten flour products instead. Although I do not have celiac disease, I get headaches and anxiety if I consume modern wheat, sometimes for days. Never fails. You can click on my store at tab above for supplements. I also have a book coming out soon on ET. I have been researching this topic since I wrote this blog post because so little is known or written about on the condition and it is my number one searched post. My book will have much more information so check back in a couple of months. Take care and I hope some of my recommendations are helpful.

  13. My physician recently diagnosed me with ET though I have been suffering from tremors for a number of years. I'm 42 and remember having tremors for at least 5-6 years, though the intensity has increased over the years.
    Last week I suffered from a condition wherein I can feel tremors not only in hands and speech but also in my legs. I've not come across any information on the internet that anything like this is associated with ET.
    My doctor got a lot of pathology tests and ultrasound of abdomen as well as chest x Ray but couldn't find any reason for the condition. I've been testing for the last 5 days and the improvement is there but quite slow. My question is that it's there any past record of tremors in legs ?
    Also my daughter, 16, has been experiencing tremors in hand for a number of years. Is it possible that it is ET and she has inherited the gene from me ?

    1. She could have if you have familial ET. However, it is rare for a 16 year old and even a 30 something year old to have ET. Not impossible but rare. Did one of your parents have ET? You can be tested. I'm wondering if there is something in your environment. Do you live in an area where they spray herbicides or pesticides from planes? Are you new a cell tower or electrical power plant or poles? Do you consume MSG or aspartame regularly? Diet soft drinks can cause neurological problems. I have a book coming out soon on essential tremor. However, the book covers tremors in general because many things can trigger them. If you take any meds, did your tremors start shortly after? You may be severely magnesium or b12 deficient. You should at a minimum take 400 mg of magnesium twice a day and a b-complex plus other supplements mentioned in my post. I have just completed a book on ET that should be released by the end of the year. It has a lot of information on ET and tremors. What can cause them and what you can do about them, both conventional and natural methods. It will be very helpful in narrowing down what may have triggered yours. I will post a comment here and a new post when it it released. Let me know how the supplements work.

  14. Correction: I've been resting for the last 5 days

  15. Hi Donna Marie,

    I am 32 years old. I am suffering from hand tremor from my school life. Previously I felt when I did some work in front of some people. Recently, it might be worse even in resting condition. Could you please give me some suggestions in this regard?

    1. Have you been tested? If the tremors are worse when resting, you may not have ET. You might have Parkinson's or another condition. Also, what do you mean when you say the hand tremor is from your school life? What is it at school that you think is giving you the tremors?

    2. Thank you so much for your reply. Actually, before (observing when I was 15 yrs old) I feel hand tremor only during I did work infront of other people. Recently, I feel even in resting condition. I didnt take any caffeine one week and then I feel better. Whats the specific symptoms for Parkinson's? Whats the prognosis of Perkinson's disease? Actually, I never tested or visited to doctor. Could you pls. advise something?

    3. I have head tremors slightly suite agitation with it but when relax and stay away from caffeine do feel better

  16. It sounds at first like you have extreme anxiety. The concern is that you have tremors when resting. Obviously, you should not drink anything with caffeine in it. If you are concerned that you may have Parkinson's then you should be tested by a doctor. Main symptoms for Parkinson's are increased tremors at rest and stiffing of muscles over time. If you truly had Parkinson's at age 15, you would probably have more significant symptoms by now. I would definitely see a doctor for a diagnosis. In the meantime, you should follow the recommendations mentioned above for tremors. Natural treatments can help both types of tremors. Good luck.

    1. Thank you very much. Actually I am taking Vitamin B complex specially combination of (B1, B2, B6, B12) and now I am feeling good, at least no tremor in resting condition. I also felt numbness and weakness in my hand. Anyway, thank you so much for your suggestions.

  17. Thank You Donna. I got a lot of helpful information abt this problem.
    I have been suffering from ET for last 4 years. it was my hand first, then leg, arms, cheeks, jaw, neck. The neck/head tremor has embarrassed me more then anything or anybody in life but i am still fighting it. I have tried all of these instruction on websites. the doctor prescribed me with Seroxat 40mg and Propronalol 40mg. it works but i guess 40 percent and i take them when i need to see a crowd/wedding/presentation etc. I am an ex military and i mindset is not to give up. I always challenge my tremor to dare and embarrassed me here and there. I know it may sound stupid but i can control my tremors that way. The only thing that gives me relief from stress and tremor is Praying to my Allah.

    I believe if anybody is complaining of problems in his/her life besides me is stupid (Please dont mind this) coz besides Essential tremors I have mountains on my shoulder which could crush anybody else but i am slowly moving with it.

    No offence to anybody brother/sisters here.

    Inshallah, I hope we all get out of this someday.

    Kind Regards


  18. Hello everyone,

    I have read all of your comments and suggestions. I'm 25 years old and suffering from ET since when i am 15-16 .my father has also this problem then I realize it is a familial ET , After then I consult with doctor. He told me to test thyroid test and other tests and CT of head. But the reports was normal,then the doctor prescribed medication HCl propranolol 40-40mg, Etizolam & (Vitamin B1, B6, B12) right now I am taking this but I think only40% relief .
    When I am at home I see tremor on my hand and little in my body (it is only when I do physical activity like pick up bucket) my body shake.
    When I go to crowded place like restaurant, events,job interview I feel nervousness and therefore my hands as well as my voice shakes. It feels me really more embarrassing.
    I have seen some medication listed above in the post from amazon
    Is this medicine works on me?
    Please suggest me whether I take this medicine or not and if not please suggest me to different.

    Hope We all are getting out from this.

    1. I am sorry you have ET and at such a young age. Propranolol is a beta blocker, a high blood pressure medication approved for the treatment of ET. I am not a medical doctor so I cannot recommend one way or the other whether you should take this medication. As far as medications go, however, side effects from beta blockers are usually mild. They include fatigue and stuffy nose, but may include depression, erectile dysfunction, slow heart rate, and worsening of asthma. If you have any issues since starting propranolol, you should talk to your doctor. I have more concern with Etizolam (an anti-anxiety medication). This drug can be addicting and cause more serious side effects including dizziness, trouble concentrating, insomnia, and the worst of all -- memory loss if taken long-term. Of course, with my training, I will always suggest natural methods before drugs. Vitamin B is great but not enough. Magnesium is critical (300-400mg taken twice per day) for ET along with supplements for calming such as skullcap, hops, valerian, chamomile, and melatonin. I take Snooze Right (Vitamin Shoppe) and melatonin before bed. I also drink tea with chamomile in it at night. Melatonin and the calming herbs should only be taken before bed and not at the same time as Etizalom, which may compound the effects. Click on HFC Store above and then Essential Tremor for recommendations of these supplements and others. Maybe you can work with your healthcare practitioner to cut back or eliminate the Etizolam while increasing the herbs. Since this drug is addicting, it is not a good idea to stop abruptly. If you do, you may increase tremors and have other unpleasant withdrawal side effects. Good luck and keep me posted.

  19. Thank you for your feedback, I'm very glad to hear from you, where I can get these products in India? Will you please provide me the details from where I can buy this product?
    And how much quantity I should take?
    There are not much qualified doctors in my region and therefore they suggest me to take this medicine.

  20. I am not an expert on what is available in India so I am sorry that I may be of little help. My guess is you could probably buy supplements using and online vendor. Does Amazon sell supplements to India? If not, how about in local pharmacy? Another option is to see an Ayurveda practitioner. Good luck.

    1. Yes I can purchase medicine online through amazon as well as local pharmacy.
      You will write the names of medicine and then I I'll order from online stores.
      Actually I have tried ayurveda but they give me strong doses which effects in my body like red rashes,after then I talked with Ayurveda practitioner they advise me to take low doses but it will not work on my body.

    2. Click on the Essential Tremor tab at the top of the page. Then click on Essential Tremor Remedy Store. It will take you to a page of my recommendations of supplements that you can purchase on Amazon. Magesium, omega-3, b-complex, melatonin, digestive enzymes, and probiotics (unless you eat yogurt every day) is a good place to start. If you want to do more, CDP-choline and a calming herb (capules or tea) before bed (along with melatonin) are great choices. Good Luck.

  21. I have et end I take propanol end clonopin bout I'm still have movement involuntary I have 32 year old end I'm sou scared I get worse I take not caffeine bicouse that gets me worse I don't know

  22. My 15 year old was diagnosed with essential tremors. We do have a family history of ET. He was given a script for propranolol but we are hesitant to try this yet, would prefer to try natural remedy first. Can you tell me about how much and how often he should take the omega3, Bvitamins, and other vitamins you suggest. He is 140 lbs. 5'11" and very active. ( he is in the crew program at his school). He eats pretty well, no fast food at all. No caffeine in his diet and no soda.

    1. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I am also sorry to hear about your son having ET and at such a young age. Interestingly, more than 50 percent of people with ET have a family history but only a small percentage have a genetic link which makes me wonder if many cases are environmental or diet related. Important considerations are environmental before supplements. The EMFs from cell phones can trigger or make tremors worse. If he has a cell phone, it should be off when not in use. Make sure he does not sleep next to electrical devices (5 ft away) or a smart meter (30 ft away). Other triggers are pesticides, herbicides, heavy metal (lead) exposure, and certain drugs (if he is taking medication, go to to check side effects). Stay away from aspartame in food and drink. Wheat gluten from modern wheat can affect the gut which can affect tremors. Try eliminating for 3 months. For problems sleeping, he can drink chamomile tea before bed and/or take herbs (Snooze Right by Vitamin Shoppe is good). Good supplements include a good multivitamin (I like Life Extension capsules because they have decent levels of B vitamins and vitamin D so he won't need to take these separate.) Magnesium is critical for calming tremors. 300-400 mg of magnesium can be taken at breakfast and dinner. Another supplement to try is CDP-choline (take as directed). A great high omega-3 breakfast is oatmeal with walnuts (omega-3), 2 tablespoons of flaxseed meal (omega-3), bananas or berries, and cinnamon. You can add one or two omega-3 eggs (organic) cooked over easy if he has a good appetite. Lots of vegetables, legumes, and whole grains (quinoa, millet, and spelt) is important. Besides fast food and caffeine, avoid sugar and red meat. You can purchase recommended supplements by clicking on the HFC store above and then the essential tremor page. I also have a book that will be published soon (if the editing process will ever end - lol!) on this topic so check back periodically or subscribe to the blog for updates. Please keep in mind that your son's healthcare practitioner should be aware of all supplements that he takes especially if he is taking medications. Good luck and keep me posted. You can send me a message by email (contact link) if you wish.

  23. Hello
    May I know, which medicine he gave you,
    Will you please tell me.

  24. I have some slight tremmers in head 50yrs started this year stop caffeine and sugar that trigger my tremmers