Thursday, September 27, 2012

Russia Bans GM Corn Imports After Cancer Findings

If you are not petrified of eating non-organic corn after reading the attached article then I don't know what would scare you.  Most corn on the market is genetically modified.  I believe the number is around 85% of corn.  The only way you can guarantee not eating genetically modified products is to buy organic.  I only buy organic corn, even popcorn.  My only exception was going to the theater but after finding out about the results of the French study in which guinea pigs grew huge tumors (see below) after being fed a lifetime of GM corn, I won't be buying popcorn at the theater either.  By the way, a majority of soy (~70%)on the market is genetically modified also.  You should never buy corn or soy that is not organic if you care about your health.  Check packages because most processed foods have either soy or corn in them.  Better yet, just don't buy processed foods.  Eat organic whole foods, especially corn, soy, and russet potatoes (yeah, Monsanto has tampered with these veggies too). 

Below are the pictures of the guinea pigs (poor animals) with tumors.  Click on the link below the pictures for additional information regarding GMOs and the French study.

Russia bans all GM corn imports; EU may also ban Monsanto GMO in wake of shocking cancer findings

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Does Sunlight Cause Skin Cancer?

If you ever wondered if sunlight causes skin cancer and spending money on sunscreen is worth it, then wonder no more.  Sunlight does not cause skin cancer.  The billion dollar cancer industry and the cosmetic industry (companies that produce sunscreen) would like you to believe sunlight causes cancer. 

Did you ever wonder how our ancestors worked on farms and spent so much time outdoors without getting cancer? 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Lost Freedoms? Gathering Rainwater, Etc.

This excellent video was made by Mike Adams of  It is about the rainwater laws in Oregon and a man who got arrested for gathering rainwater on his own property.  It is only 15 minutes and worth watching.

Well the video really makes me think about many lost freedoms.  As mentioned in the video, do you think you own your house after you pay it off?  Try not paying your property taxes and see if you still own your house.  In Nevada, after two years, the state will own it.  Property taxes is nothing but rent to the state for your house.  Do you ever get to stop paying property taxes?  No!  Then how is it you ever own your house?  How have we, the American people, allowed our government to control our property and our rights? 

Do you think rainwater is free?  Apparently not in the state of Oregon.  If you haven't watched the video, Oregon does not allow for the collection of rainwater on your own property.  A man was arrested for doing just that.  He built ponds on his many acres of land and was arrested.  The state of Oregon has a law claiming all rights to water, including rainwater.  It is legal in Oregon, however, to collect rainwater from artificial places like the roof of your house but if you build a pond on your own land to collect rainwater, you will be arrested.  Doesn't the state want people to help wildlife and be self-sufficient?  Does our government want us to be completely dependent on them for everything including the water we drink?  What about solar energy?  Are we allowed to build our own panels and live off the grid or are we by law required to be connected to the grid?  

When I think about how our privacy over the past few decades has been stripped away, it literally makes me vomit.  Just over 100 years ago, you could actually own your land, drive without a driver's license and registration, and see a doctor without worrying about your medical files being hacked into and seen by the world.  Of course, we didn't have credit cards or social security.  Are these really a benefit or another way to control people?  Credit cards make it handy to purchase items but how much have we really gained from using them?  How many people have gone bankrupt from going into debt from using credit cards?  Social security seems like a wonderful program in theory but is it?  We all have a number attached to us like we are products and not people.  We can't seem to do anything without our "number" these days.  Can you get a loan? Apply for health insurance?  Open a bank account? Maybe it would be good if we couldn't get a loan or get health insurance.  What would happen if everyone refused health insurance?  Would doctors not accept you?  They want to make money, right?  Maybe rates on all medical services would come down.  

What did our ancestors do without a SS#.  Just look at the symbol SS and rearrange.  Hm.  Makes you think, doesn't it.  I just read a fiction book called "Bar Code Tattoo".  It is the year 2025.  Everyone must get a bar code tattoo on their wrist or top of their back when they turn 17.  You can't buy anything without the bar code tattoo.  Embedded in the bar code tattoo is your genetic code, health information, credit history.  The people who have an excellent genetic code and health get promotions and are treated better.  Other's lives are  destroyed.  People over 80 mysteriously die if they go in the hospital for any reason.  Makes me think of the book "1984" by Orwell.  Not to far fetched when you see what is happening in the world.  

Back to SS.  Would we really need SS if we didn't have outrageous health care costs and actually owned our property after it was paid off?  Would we need SS if there was no inflation?  There was no inflation prior to the Federal Reserve.  Bet most people didn't know that and I bet most people do not know that the Federal Reserve is NOT a government agency.  It is a private agency run by the richest in the world to control our money.  Think about it.  If we all grew our own food (assuming it is legal), owned our property (assuming no property taxes after our house is paid for), owned non-licensed vehicles only (scooters, bikes, electric bikes, horses, etc.), had wood burning stoves and solar energy (off the grid), and bartered with friends and family, would we need help from the government?  We probably wouldn't have much need for money at all.  If we grew our own food, we would also be healthier and need little health care.  Bring back the naturopaths, herbalists, and homeopaths.  Conventional medicine would then be mostly for emergencies only. Maybe there could be a community fund to help those in need.  How did we go from being independent Americans to being slaves to our government.  We even allow the government to search our bodies or radiate us at the airport.  Anyway, I could go on and on but I won't.  Just my dream.