Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Does Sunlight Cause Skin Cancer?

If you ever wondered if sunlight causes skin cancer and spending money on sunscreen is worth it, then wonder no more.  Sunlight does not cause skin cancer.  The billion dollar cancer industry and the cosmetic industry (companies that produce sunscreen) would like you to believe sunlight causes cancer. 

Did you ever wonder how our ancestors worked on farms and spent so much time outdoors without getting cancer? 
Cancer was extremely rare over 100 years ago.  To clarify for all of you scratching your head right now: Sunlight does not cause cancer but sunburn does.  Our ancestors did not wear sunscreen and spent much more time in the sun that people do today.  They were not Vitamin D deficient like most Americans are today either.  Their secret was antioxidants.  If you consume enough antioxidants in food (7-8 fruits and vegetables of varying colors daily) and supplement form if needed, your skin will be protected from burning.  Our ancestors ate a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables from their farms on a daily basis.  They did not eat fast food devoid of nutrition and antioxidants as most Americans do today.  If you eat this way and don't plan on changing any time soon then you need to continue to put on sunscreen when you go out in the sun because you will burn if you have light skin.  Doing this will not prevent you from getting skin cancer or any cancer for that matter.  It will only prevent you from burning.  Most sunscreens are loaded with chemicals and your skin will soak those chemicals up and create free radicals.  If you don't get sun without sunscreen, you also need to take Vitamin D supplements.  Wouldn't it be easier to eat lots of fruits and vegetables to protect your skin from burn and get out in the sun daily to get your Vitamin D and save money on sunscreen?    

According to Mike Adams,, you need to load up on antioxidants for about a month before going in the sun without sunscreen.  Then you can venture out for 15-20 minutes (longer if you are dark skinned) and see how you do.  Mike Adams is able to spend hours in the sun without burning and he has light skin.  I play tennis, go for walks, and do yard work all without sunscreen and never burn.  I only tan.  I live at high altitude where the sun is bright most of the time here in Nevada.

Below is a link to Mike Adams video explaining more in detail the importance of antioxidants, getting out in the sun, and the danger of sunscreens.  It is 23 minutes and worth watching.

The Truth About Sunlight, Cancer and Vitamin D -

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