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This is an update of a prior post on Alzheimer's. I think it is important to remind everyone of tips on keeping the brain healthy so you can avoid Alzheimer's disease and other dementia. Some of the information is a repeat for those that did not read the prior post but this one includes more tips.

What is Alzheimer's disease? 
Alzheimer's is a type of dementia in which many functions of the brain are severely affected including memory, speech, visual perception, cognition, and weakness. The deterioration can occur slowly or rapidly. Although Alzheimer's appears to come on suddenly, it is usually years and decades of neuron death before symptoms appear. Usually the affected person has only 20% of the involved brain cells left at time of noticeable symptoms.

Why is short-term memory most affected in Alzheimer's disease?
The reason short-term memory is affected first is because it is the newest memory. The longer a memory is stored, the more resistant it is to brain injury or brain damage. So in Alzheimer's disease, the long-term memories are affected last, after loss of short-term memories.

What causes Alzheimer's disease?
Could it be a trauma or injury to the brain? Could it be stress? Could it be lifestyle? Could it be lack of a certain supplement? Could it be the processed foods we consume? Could it be excitotoxins? Could it be a combination of the above? The answer to the all the questions is yes.

If you have had brain injury, your risk is higher than those that have not. However, if you had repetitive brain injury caused from playing sports like football, your risk increases significantly, Ex-NFL players aged 30-49 have 19 times the risk of the non-NFL players in the same age group. (1)

Stress also tops the list as a trigger of Alzheimer's. In a study in Argentina, 3 out of 4 participants with Alzheimer's were found to have severe emotional stress during the two years prior to diagnosis.(2)  

Excitotoxins also appear to play a major role. The definition given by Dr. Russell Blaylock in his excellent book Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills describes excitotoxins as substances added to foods and beverages that stimulate neurons to death, causing brain damage of varying degrees. Excitotoxins include monosodium glutamate (MSG), aspartame (Nutrasweet), cysteine, hydrolyzed protein, and aspartic acid.

Biochemical examination of brains of those dying with Alzheimer's has shown that over 60% of NMDA type glutamate receptor neurons are destroyed. As a matter of fact, most neurons that are affected use glutamate or aspartate as their receptor. When MSG or aspartame is consumed in large dosages or injected in experimental animals, the neurons are killed or damaged similar to the way the cells in humans brains with Alzheimer's are damaged. What does this mean? The aspartame and the MSG added to many of our foods and soft drinks are affecting our brains. Excitotoxins accumulates in the brain so having a couple of soft drinks a week can still cause damage.

There are other facts that increase your risk of Alzheimer's disease. They include those who have chronic inflammation, hypoglycemia, and magnesium deficiency. Magnesium deficiency is critical because when brain magnesium levels are low, aluminum collects in the brain. High levels of aluminum do not directly cause Alzheimer's but it does inhibit production of acetylcholine which is important for memory functions of the brain.

What can you do to prevent or reduce your risk of Alzheimer's Disease? Here are the 20 best ways to reduce your risk.  

Thursday, December 26, 2013


christmas cabin
This Christmas story has been contributed by Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper.
It has been only 7 months since the lights went out, but it feels like forever. Some people call it the Apocalypse and consider it the worst disaster that the modern world has known. At our house, we call it the Change, because my mother says that just because it is different, doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world, and that words matter. Whatever you call it, though, the day the lights went out is the day that everything in our world became dramatically different.
 The days go on and on, blending into one another with the sameness of our tasks.  I don’t go to school anymore because there is no school. My mother teaches me at night, when we leave the door to the wood stove open to preserve our precious candles, but still have light bright enough to read by.
I never thought I would long for gym class or for the school cafeteria, but I do. I miss hanging out with the other kids, sitting around the table making fun of the food, and being in the classroom, learning about the things that I used to consider incredibly boring. If I had only known then what true boredom was I would have cherished the time to just be a kid. I would have delighted in every bite of food that I didn’t have to harvest myself.
Instead of school, I work to keep us fed and warm. I work in the garden in warm weather.  My mother walks with a cane, so it is my responsibility to be her legs. I walk in the woods near our house and look for anything that might be edible or useful.  I collect branches and twigs in the cold weather.  Staying warm and fed is the focus of our daylight hours, and those two tasks take up nearly every minute that the sun is up.

Monday, December 23, 2013


ndaa flag
While everyone is distracted with the holiday festivities, Congress has been hard at work, screwing us over in the name of national security.
Yesterday the 2014 National Defense Authorization Act was fast-tracked through the Senate, with no time for discussion or amendments.  And you know, its Christmastime, so they just passed it so that they could recess for the holidays. The new version of the NDAA has already been quietly passed by the House of Representatives.
It authorizes massive spending, including $527 billion in base defense spending for the current fiscal year, funding for the war in Afghanistan, and funding for nuclear weapons programs.
The indefinite detention allowed by the original NDAA is still here, and it’s actually worse now, because there are provisions that will make it easier for the government to target those who disagree.  Section 1071 outlines the creation of the “Conflict Records Research Center”, where the unconstitutionally obtained information that the NSA has collected is compiled and shared with the Department of Defense.  The information, called in the wording  “captured records,” can be anything from your phone records, emails, browsing history or posts on social media sites.
The New American reports in detail on the expansion of powers:
For two years, the NDAA included provisions that purported to authorize the president of the United States to

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


One January 25, 2014, there will be a global march against chemtrails and geoengineering. Please get involved in your area. There is no more important issue today than to stop the poisoning of our planet, plants, animals, and ourselves. 

Chemtrails are chemicals dumped from planes from the sky for weather modification or other purposes such as global vaccination or depopulation (this one is hard to believe).  These chemicals include, but are not limited to, aluminum, barium, strontium, and manganese. Governments around the world been spraying since the 1990s but it has gotten much worse and more widespread in recent years. In addition, Monsanto (of course) paid $1 billion for a climate control company a couple of months ago.  Please watch the shocking video below especially if you think chemtrails is a conspiracy theory. It will change your mind and make you angry. It is worth every minute of your time.   

In the last four days, I have seen significant spraying every day. In the past I've seen spraying one or two days a month.  Just look up more often. You'll know what I am talking about. If we don't stop this now, within 10 to 15 years, neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, MS, essential tremor, and all cancers will be inescapable by everyone. There will be no escape no matter how much organic food you consume. These chemicals get in the soil and change the pH and composition even so growing your own food won't help.  Even if you use a greenhouse, you are still breathing the air and drinking the water. These chemicals are in the form of nano particles which can't be filtered from the air or the water.  

There is nothing more issue today than stopping global governments from spraying toxic chemicals and destroying life. See the links below or Google geoengineering, HAARP, weather modification, and chemtrails for more information.  But most importantly fight to stop toxic spraying of chemicals and share this information with everyone you love and care about.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013


As many know, prostitution is legal in Nevada in certain areas and establishments. Well, the hookers at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch are excited over Obamacare.  Their pre-existing conditions are now covered. 

Says the owner of the ranch, "I have mixed feelings. I’m glad the girls are going to be able to get affordable healthcare coverage but as a businessman, I’m really concerned. There’s one common thread. I’m the sole stockholder but because I’m the owner for all these different businesses, they lump them together. What am I going to do? I’m either going to have to spend a lot of money  on health insurance because the rates are going up or I’m going to have to face severe penalties, so I’m really perplexed about all of this.” 

Perplexed?  I'm more than perplexed. My tax dollars is going to subsidize pre-existing conditions of Nevada prostitutes and birth control pills.  


The five holiday foods that promote cancer, diabetes, heart disease and premature death are the following 

1. Artificially colored Christmas cookies.  Christmas cookies look nice but have green and red dyes in those pretty sprinkles. Red dyes, especially have shown to cause hyperactivity in children. Sugar cookies are loaded with (you guessed it) sugar! If you must make them at all, sprinkle them with organic cane sugar and reduce the amount of sugar by 1/3 to 1/2. 

2. Anything made with vegetable shortening. Loaded with artery clogging trans fats. Instead, substitute organic butter or coconut oil. 

3. Processed meats with sodium nitrate. Everyone likes to give those lovely gift baskets with filled with meats and cheeses. In order for the meats to stay fresh, they are loaded up with with preservatives and sodium nitrate. If you get one of these baskets, throw the meats away or give away to your enemies (just kidding). Don't send these baskets to your loved ones unless they come from an organic food company or better yet make them yourself and hand deliver if they live nearby.

4. Eggnog drinks.  If people really thought about what was in eggnog drinks, they wouldn't drink them. Raw eggs! Yuk. Besides, they are high in high fructose corn syrup (GMO), hydrogenated fats, hormones, and calories.  Make your own instead with sweetened almond or soy milk.  Just add rum.

5. Stuffing.  Seriously, I could not find a packaged stuffing mix without a long list of chemicals including MSG, GMO corn, and hydrogenated fats. Just buy or make some chemical free french bread and make your own. All you need is vegetable broth, celery, poultry seasoning, sage, salt, and pepper. It's so easy, my daughter has made it the last couple of years.

Top five holiday foods that promote cancer, diabetes, heart disease and premature death

Monday, December 9, 2013


blood money
If you had a business selling something that made you well over a hundred billion dollars per year, would you take steps to eradicate the need for your business? Or would you make every effort for that money continue rolling in?
Take cancer, for example.  Don’t let all the media hype about “The Cure” fool you.  No one who is in a position to do so wants to end cancer because they are all making a killing on the big business of treatment, while ordinary people go broke, suffer horribly, and die.
There will never be a “cure” brought to market because there just isn’t enough profit in eradicating the disease entirely.  There will never be a governing body that protects consumers from being subjected to known carcinogens, because that too, will stop the cash from rolling in. A great deal of research is covered up and many potential cures are ignored and discredited because there is far more money in perpetuating illness than in curing it. In 2012, the reported spending on cancer treatment was 124.6 billion dollars.  Blood money.

The Grim Statistics

Just the word “cancer” sends a frisson of fear down the spine of the most stalwart optimist.  Terrifyingly, almost one in two people will get the dreaded disease, and the numbers are only getting worse.  Here are some quick stats for background:
  • Nearly half of all Americans will develop cancer in their lifetime. (source) Quick math tells us that is an astonishing 157 million victims.
  • Over half a million people in America died of cancer in 2012. (source)
  • In 2011, cancer was the #1 cause of death in the Western world, and #2 in developing countries. (source)
  • Cancer is the #1 cause of childhood death in the United States. (source)
This is a fairly recent increase.  A hundred years ago, the number was far different.  At that time, 1 in 33 people was stricken with the disease. And despite billions of dollars being spent to find “the cure”, the World Health Organization predicts that deaths from cancer will DOUBLE by the year 2030.
It’s being normalized.  The news is full of photos of babies who are missing an eye, of beautiful bald children who have lost their hair to chemo, and of people who have had to have body parts removed in order to survive a few more years.  But cancer is NOT normal. It isn’t something that “just happens”.  Researchers know the things that cause cancer.  Government protection agencies do too, but they do nothing to limit these toxins in the marketplace.

Thursday, December 5, 2013


More on the insanity of diagnosing children with ADHD especially boys who seem to get double the diagnoses than girls. As I mentioned in my prior post  "Are Mental Disorders Such as ADHD Real or Fake?", this makes sense because boys need more physical activity then girls and with our current school system and life style of sitting in front of a computer or TV, they are not getting it. A good reason to homeschool your children. No ADHD diagnosis and no vaccines.

According to J.D. Heyes at Natural News, in the CDCs study, the percentage of U.S. children between the ages of 4 and 17 years who have been labeled with the diagnosis rose to a 42 percent between 2003 and 2011. What? 42 percent? In addition, the study found that kids in public health programs (Medicaid and State Children's Health Insurance Program) were 53 percent more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD than children with private health insurance. That means you and I are paying for this with tax dollars.
For more information on ADHD, click on the following links:

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) real? 

Did you know that there is not one mental illness that can be determined by a blood test? 

When the school psychologist tells you your child has ADHD and prescription pills such as Ritalin will help, do you believe him or her? 

If you do, you are crazier than they are. 

There's no denying that hyperactivity exists. But maybe, just maybe it is not a mental illness. If it were, why did it not exist 100 years ago? Here's a theory. Children back then were given much more physical and creative activity in a school day.  And when they weren't in school, they were outside biking or playing. 

Boys, especially, need lots of physical activity. Budget cuts during the last couple of decades took care of most PE and artistic programs. 

Some recent studies are revealing that many hyperactive children were actually very creative children who had their creative side suppressed with drugs. Many of these children grow up, stop taking their drugs and discover their creative side. No surprise here.  

Now let's compound the lack of activity and lack of creativity with increased sugar and stimulant consumption. Then throw in some artificial dyes which cause hyperactivity in many children. Let's not forget some neurotoxins in the form of pesticides and herbicides in all food not labeled organic. Then let's add in some non-organic hormone-filled milk (compliments of Monsanto in the 1990s). Hormones in dairy can mess with the body's natural hormones and cause a host of problems for children including early puberty. Imagine going through puberty at 8 or 9 years old as many children are today.  Do you think any of this has to do with the "attention deficit" and "hyperactivity" problems of today's youth? 

Let's recap. We force children to sit for hours a day doing activities they mostly don't enjoy, give them sugar, caffeine, chemicals, food dyes, artificial hormones, pesticides and herbicides and expect them to behave? They are not the ones with the mental illness. We are for allowing the public school systems to bore our children and food manufacturers to poison our children.    

What can you do? Instead of allowing your children to sit again when they get home watching the idiot box or playing video games, make them move for an hour either by doing chores or exercise. Biking, walking, and yard work are all acceptable ways to move. 

Secondly, reduce or eliminate hyperactivity in children by doing the following:

1. Eliminate caffeine and processed foods with dyes and preservatives. 

2. Reduce sugar to a minimum (30 grams per day). Don't forget fruit juices are high in sugar. Best to eliminate them or dilute them with water but buy 100% juice. 

3. Buy mostly organic produce. Eliminate the 12 most contaminated if you cannot afford all organic. 

4. Only buy organic soy and corn or not at all. More than 70% of these crops are genetically modified. There has been no safety test performed on humans. May be another culprit in behavioral problems. 

5. If you child has acne, aches and pains, irritability, digestive problems, or has already been labeled hyperactive, then also eliminate wheat. Modern wheat is not easily digestible and can cause a host of physical and emotional problems even in those without Celiac disease.

6. Reduce gut inflammation which has been linked to ADHD by giving them foods with probiotics or feeding them organic plain yogurt (with fresh or frozen fruit and honey for sweetener) every day.

7. Eliminate trans fats and partially hydrogenated fats from their diets and add omega 3s which have been shown to nourish and calm the brain.         

Thirdly, see the links below for more information on how the mental health industry "develops" mental disorders, reasons on psychiatrists will profit from the implementation of Obamacare, and more about ADHD. 

Psychiatry Goes Insane (Natural News)

The Rise of the Psychiatric State Under Obamacare by Ron Rapporport

The Surprising Causes of ADHD.... (

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Middletown, New Jersey's township cuts the hours of 25 employees to save $500,000 the town would have incurred to comply with Obamacare.  So not only do employees lose health insurance, they are losing income. Under Obamacare, if an employee works less than 30 hours a week, he or she is considered part-time and the employer does not need to comply with the costly implementation of the Affordable Care Act (which is neither affordable or caring for most but is definitely an act).  

In addition, Middletown's school district cut the hours of 178 of it's part-time employees to avoid having to comply with Obamacare. The hours were cut from 30 to 26-29.5 per week equating to a 1.6-13.3 percent pay cut.  I don't know what the part-time employees make per hour in Middletown but a pay cut of $15-$40 per week for some is significant if they are already struggling.

This is only the beginning. We are going to keep hearing these stories all through 2014 as companies find out that it is too expensive to comply with the new law and are forced to cut employee hours. We are going to become a nation of part-time workers working multiple jobs to survive.  For workers getting hours slashed from 40 to 29.5 means a reduction in pay of 26% or more. See links below for more stories.

Should we feel bad for the people who voted for Obama?      


Monday, November 11, 2013


What you may not know about the ACA (Affordable Care Act) or Obamacare is:

1. If you sell your house (permanent residence may have an allowable gain before the tax kicks in) and make a profit, you could be paying 3.8% tax on the gain? This tax also applies to sales of small businesses, stocks, bonds was effective 1/1/2013.

2. If you drive a Cadillac, live in a mansion, but have little non-retirement account income, you can qualify for Medicaid. Why you don't want to be a Medicaid? Many doctors will refuse to take additional patients on Medicaid because reimbursement is low so and with the huge influx good luck. Many people could fall into this category if they retire early. Statistic: surgery patients with Medicaid face a higher risk of dying than patients with no insurance at all. 

3. Taxpayers who earn $200,000, or $250,000 per couple will be paying with higher Medicare Part A payroll taxes and a new 3.8 percent tax on

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Osteoporosis is a condition that common for those over 60 but due top sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy diets full of processed foods, it is becoming common in younger and younger people. Here are some tips on how to naturally prevent osteoporosis.
1. Reduce stress. The body can handle occasional stress but people under constant stress have higher levels of the hormone cortisol. Cortisol causes minerals to leach out of bones. Chronic stress is the number one cause of all disease. If you skip this step, you not only will continue to have osteoporosis, you will eventually have even more diseases. If you are in a bad relationship, get out. If you hate your job, quit or start searching for a new one. If you have financial problems, stop spending and see a financial counselor. Get rid of chronic stress. I can't emphasis this one enough. 

2. Exercise. Several research studies have found that regular weight-bearing exercise has a preventive effect on osteoporosis. Walking, jogging, and lifting weights are all forms of exercise that help to improve bone strength. They also improve your flexibility and strengthen the groups of muscles that help the body move. Exercise for least half an hour per day for a minimum of five days a week (3 days of aerobic and 2 days of strength training alternating upper and lower body) and you are sure to reduce your chances of suffering from osteoporosis.

Thursday, October 24, 2013


Chemtrails or chemical trails are sprayings of chemicals from planes that is happening just about everywhere to control the weather. Some believe other chemicals are being dropped as well. You can read the articles in the links below and watch the full length documentary and decide for yourself. 

Seaweed protects you from radiation poisoning and the poisons dropped on us from chemtrails. That is my number one choice but there are other suggestions in the 2nd link below.  The 3rd link contains the full length move, WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THEY SPRAYING? Very scary to watch if you know nothing about chemtrails.

Chemtrails: A Planetary Catastrophe Created by Geo-Engineering

Chemtrails: Learn how to protect yourself from these treacherous poisons

What in the World are They Spraying?

Sunday, October 20, 2013


A study found that the greater your belly fat, the greater your brain will shrink in old age. People who have extra abdominal fat are three times more likely to have dementia or memory loss later on in life. If that is not enough to make you put down the potato chips, get off the sofa and run, not walk, to the nearest health club, I don't know what would. 

Researchers have found that the reason the brain shrinks has to do with a protein shared by the liver and the brain. People with a large amount of belly fat have livers that are working overtime to metabolize the fat. In order to do this, the liver uses up all of this protein. called PPARalpha, from the liver first and then the rest of the body including the brain. 

Most belly fat has nothing to do with beer. It is wheat, dairy, and sugar. Eliminate high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), artificial sweeteners (make you want to eat more and they kill brain neurons), and limit cane sugar to 25 mg a day. Eliminate all dairy except butter (you read that right), and wheat.  HFCS blocks the hormone leptin in the body which signals when you are full.  Modern wheat is not digested well by anyone. Wheat has been changed so much in the last 50 years to make it easy to harvest and to increase gluten.  This "new gluten" or protein very difficult to digest for most people making it difficult to get nutrients to the body and brain.  If you are not getting enough nutrients, your body tells you to eat more.  Get the picture? So get rid of the wheat for a month and see how you feel.  Start moving even if it is walking for 15 minutes every day.  Work up to 30 minutes every day. 


Sunday, October 13, 2013


Based on one study, herbal supplements are not very safe for those with certain allergies, especially to nuts.  Most herbal products tested were of poor quality and contained product substitutions, contamination and use of fillers, therefore diluting the effectiveness of the herbal formula. 

44 herbal products were tested blindly tested representing 12 different companies.  Over half or 59% of the products tested contained DNA barcodes from plant species not listed on the labels. Less than half (48%) of the products were authenticated.  However, one-third of these were contaminated or had fillers not listed on the label.  Product substitution occurred in 30 of the 44 of the products tested and only 2 of the 12 companies had products without any substitution, contamination or fillers (such as rice, soybeans, and wheat not listed on the label). Some of the contaminants found could pose serious health risks to consumers.  For instance, one product had black walnut in it but was not listed on the label.  Those with serious nut allergies would be at risk.

For quality herbal and vitamin supplement products, only buy with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) seal of approval on their label.  GMP guidelines require compliance through an independent third party audit for product approval.  NOW Food and Rainbow Light supplements are two of several companies that have the GMP seal of approval.  Check labels carefully. 

If you have serious food allergies to soy, gluten, nuts, etc., it is always best to call the manufacturer for a complete list of ingredients before using any product.    


Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Here are 8 ways to significantly reduce your risk of breast cancer.
1. Expose your skin to sun every day for at least 15 minutes over at least 60 percent of your body. When you can't get enough adequate sun exposure, consume foods high in vitamin D or take supplements of at least 1,000 IU per day. Those with low levels of vitamin D not only have a higher risk of cancer but of many chronic diseases including diabetes and heart disease. Adequate amounts of sunlight or vitamin D can cut breast cancer risk in half.
2. Eat 2 fruits per day. Include berries as one of the fruits.  Berries contain highest amounts of antioxidants, especially blueberries. 
3. Eat at least 5 vegetables per day to ensure you are getting plenty of cancer fighting antioxidants. Include kale, collard greens, mustard greens, or broccoli as one or two servings of the vegetables.  Dark green vegetables have shown to prevent tumor growth. Kale is probably the most powerful green on the planet. It is full of cancer preventing antioxidants plus has a high amount of calcium and magnesium. Probably why kale is one of the most popular greens used in juicing.  Include tomatoes (alternate cooked and fresh) and/or carrots as additional servings.  Tomatoes contain lycopene and carrots contain carotenoids, both powerful antioxidants. 
4. Eliminate or reduce dairy. Dairy is high in artificial hormones and fats. See all my prior postings on dairy (1)(2). Drink almond milk or organic soy milk instead.
5. Eat beans and oatmeal. Contrary to popular belief, beans will not make you fat. Beans are high in fiber and get your intestines in tip top shape by moving food along and keeping toxins out.  Oatmeal is also high in fiber and great for keeping you satisfied and healthy. Buy the rolled or steel cut oats, not the quick or sweetened oats.

6. Eat organic lean meats (poultry or grass-fed beef), omega-3 eggs, fish, and nuts. These have higher omega-3 fatty acids which boosts your immune system, boosts your mood, improves blood circulation, and reduces inflammation in the body.  Add almonds or walnuts to oatmeal. Stay away from large fish like shark, tuna. and mahi mahi which have higher levels of mercury.  Taking a good quality fish oil (Carlson's) or Flaxseed oil may be a better alternative in the future with the increase in threat of radiation poisoning coming from Japan.  Fukushima is still leaking 300 tons of radiation per day. (3) The radiation is expected to hit US shores by 2014.

7. Eliminate wheat especially if you are overweight. Modern wheat (wheat that has been changed significantly in the last 50 years to increase yield and gluten) is very difficult to digest. Most people have symptoms related to wheat allergies but don't know wheat is the culprit.  Wheat can cause allergy symptoms, weight gain, headaches, fatigue, indigestion, memory problems, and a host of other not so pleasant symptoms. Wheat is as addicting as sugar. It makes you want to eat more wheat.  Give up wheat for a month and I promise you will lose weight and feel better.  You can eat bread made with spelt flour if you must have bread. Spelt is not a modern wheat and has a lower amount of gluten.  However, if you have a problem with gluten, you should not eat spelt. It is best to give up all gluten for a month and then add back spelt.  If you feel fine, then great.     

8. Balance your hormones.  If you are over 40, get your hormones tested.  Being deficient in estrogen or progesterone can increase your risk of cancer. Use bio-identical hormone creams.  They are the safest. (4)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


According to a report by CBS News, chicken nuggets are not just chicken but fat, cartilage, bone, blood vessels, nerve cells, and skin!  Except for the chicken, all these ingredients are labeled chicken by-products in dog food.  In addition, the study that CBS references (see link below) concludes that chicken is less than 50% of the chicken nugget.  Before this report, most people probably believed chicken nuggets were chicken and fillers like soy and corn. That actually sounds good compared to what is really in a nugget.  So the next time you or your children bite down into a chicken nugget from a fast food restaurant, think about what they are really eating -- commercial dog food.  I wouldn't even feed chicken nuggets to my dog.  He deserves better.
Image courtesy of piyato/


Wednesday, September 25, 2013


According to, the average American will pay 3% - 9,5% of their MAGI (modified adjusted gross income) on health insurance premiums.  How to calculate MAGI can be found a  Also, premiums can vary from state to state and can vary depending on age, weight and smoking status, but not on health status or gender.

If you are making an average middle class income or higher ($60,000), expect to pay premiums closer to the higher end. For a family of 4 making $60,000 will likely pay premiums of around 9% or $5,400 per year ($450 per month).  If you are single making just $32,000 a year, you will pay premiums of around 9% or $3,000 per year ($250 per month).  For most, these premiums are a significant increase.  However, some will pay nothing or minimal premiums if they are close to or below poverty level income.  For a family of 4 making $32,000 or less, you would be Medicaid eligible in most states.  For a single person, income would be closer to $16,000 in most states.  These calculations are estimates only and can change depending on your state, weight, smoking status, and MAGI.  

In an article today at Forbes, it was found that Obamacare will increase premiums for a 40 year old on average 99% for men and 62% for women. For a 27 year old, Obamacare will increase premiums on average 97% for men and 55% for women.  That means, if you are a 27 year old male and your current premium is $200, you new premium will be $394.  Yikes!  If you are a woman, the increase isn't as shocking but who wants a 55% - 62% increase in premiums.   Keep in mind that these are averages and states vary from slight decreases to increase of over 300% depending on age.  The article has an interactive map that you can use to click on your state to get an estimate of what you might pay in 2014.


Sunday, September 22, 2013


The following is truly shocking.  Performing bariatric (gastric bypass) surgery on a 2-year old.  How about finding out if he has a hormone problem first?  How about teaching him to eat healthy.  For those that don't know, bariatric surgery is when a large part of the stomach is removed so the patient feels full quicker. This is a very serious disease with serious side effects and that's if you don't die from the surgery.  Longer term risks and complications include bowel obstruction, gallstones, malnutrition, stomach perforation, ulcers, vomiting, hernias, low blood sugar, and dumping syndrome.  Dumping syndrome is when undigested food moves quickly into the small bowel causing cramping, nausea, and/ diarrhea.  It would make since that a child having bariatric surgery would experience many of this risks at a higher rate, especially malnutrition.  Just pure crazy.

Bariatric surgery performed on 2-year-old proves total insanity of western medical system

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Arthritis (osteoarthritis) is the wearing away of joint cartilage.  Osteoarthritis is primarily age related, usually starting in men between age 45 and 55 and women over the age of 55. Osteoarthritis is more common in women than men over the age of 55.  Approximately 27 million Americans have arthritis.

Joint cartilage is the joint's cushion.  Wearing away of this cushion eventually causes pain as the joints rub against each other.  Besides pain, other symptoms include loss of flexibility, inflammation, and sometimes numbing and tingling in affected areas of the body.  

Many conditions can cause arthritis to accelerate or worsen including poor diet, obesity, hormone imbalance, repetitive trauma or injury to joints, chronic inflammation, abnormal joints at birth, and gout.  Traditional remedies include prescription drugs, NSAIDS (non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen and aspirin), and surgery.  These methods can have serious side effects and are costly.

The following are natural ways you can relieve the symptoms of arthritis and slow down its progression.

1.  Lose weight.  For every extra pound of weight you are carrying equates to 4 pounds of pressure on your knees.  Start with strength training.  Building muscles around the joints supports the joints.  Increase in muscle mass also increases the metabolism.  More muscle means more calories burned even at rest.  Add aerobics for heart health and variety. Swimming is the gentlest exercise on the joints.  If you are able to walk or cycle without pain, they are good exercises too.  Change exercises frequently to alleviate boredom.   

Monday, September 16, 2013


The following list is 12 signs of cancer that women should not ignore.  Keep in mind as you read through the list that these signs do not mean you have cancer.  They are signs only and can indicate other conditions unrelated to cancer.  It is important to have these checked for peace of mind.  

1.  Unexplained weight loss.  Unless you've developed an overactive thyroid, weight loss of without decrease in food or increase in exercise of 10 percent or more in one month is a sign of many cancers.    

Friday, September 13, 2013


Has your utility company switched your meter yet to a new "smart" meter?  If they have, they probably told you (if they even gave you the option to discuss it with them before replacing your analog meter) that the smart meter was no dangerous than a cell phone.  The local utility company has already made the rounds to my neighborhood.  And although I have opted-out, most of my neighbors did not.  I have a smart meter from each neighbor aiming toward my house.  I'm being radiated even though I have to pay fees to opt-out.  The utility company replaced my perfectly operating analog meter with a new one.  No one at the utility company could give me a good explanation why I need a new analog meter but they charged me $54 for it.  They are also charging me $9 per month to read my meter but so far have not done so.  They have estimated my bill for the past two months (since implementation).  

Thursday, September 12, 2013


The studies that claim there is no link between autism and vaccines are usually performed using only one vaccine at a time.  They don't take into consideration that children are receiving up to TEN vaccinations at one time including MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella), TDaP (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis), Hepatitis B, Polio, HiB (influenza type B), Pneumococcal conjugate, and Varicella.  This is toxic overload.    

Good article and video on the Natural News website regarding the link between vaccines and autism. 
Do vaccines cause autism? Must-see new video reveals the systematic suppression of evidence of vaccine-damaged children

More articles on dangers of vaccines

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Top Ten Causes of Breast Cancer

Does anyone really know the real causes of breast cancer?  If you are over 40, you probably know at least one person who has or had breast cancer.  If the person isn't healthy, then you you are probably not surprised.  However, if the person ate fairly well and got annual mammograms, you're left scratching your head wondering why.  Well here is list of the TOP TEN CAUSES OF BREAST CANCER.  Some may surprise you.
  1. Processed foods.   Many people don't think of the additives in their food, especially if they are consuming "healthy" frozen dinners or "diet" foods.  Many of these foods contain hydrogenated fats, MSG, and aspartame.  MSG and aspartame are excitotoxins.  If you don't know what excitotoxins are and would like to keep your brain and health, see my posting on excitotoxins.  Fried foods from fast food restaurants contain acylmaides (a known carcinogen).  Acrylmaides form during the frying of foods.  The crispier and darker the meat that you cook on the barbie, the more carcinogenic the meat.  This is only the tip of the iceberg.  There are many more additives in processed foods like GMO corn and GMO soy, food coloring, and artificial flavors.  
  2. Dairy products.  Dairy products in general are not good for you.  All diary products have hormones unless they are organic or specifically state they are made without hormones like Tillamook and Trader Joe's brands.  There are links between prostate and ovarian cancers and milk.  The evidence is conflicting when it comes to breast cancer.  My own evidence is enough.  When I stopped dairy for a while and started eating it again, my breasts would hurt (a sign of inceased estrogen) and this happened when I consumed the hormone-free versions.  I'd rather not take my chances and you shouldn't either.  You are not a baby calf so you do not need cow's milk.  If you must have milk, goat milk is much closer to human milk than cow's milk.  What about the calcium in milk?  Since milk is highly acidic, it draws calcium OUT of your bones, so the calcium in milk that you're getting is a wash at best.  Recent studies have shown that added calcium can collect and cause heart problems.  Do not take calcium supplements. Get out in the sun or take vitamin D and magnesium (most Americans are deficient in both) and eat greens like kale and broccoli every day for calcium.    
  3. Chronic stress.  Chronic stress has a hand in so many illnesses that I will need to write another post to fully explain.  In the meantime, reducing stress should be at the top of your list if you care about your health.  So many people spend years at jobs they have no passion and in relationships that aren't fulfilling just to drop dead months before retirement.  Don't be one of these people.  Start making changes today.  
  4. Plastic.  Food containers, drinking bottles, and the lining of canned foods contain plastic.  Plastics are endocrine receptors, meaning they increase estrogen in the body that increase your risk of all cancers but especially reproductive cancers.  
  5. Smoking cigarettes.  It is amazing that this should even be on a list.  We've know about the dangers of smoking for decades now.  Cigarettes have over a thousand chemicals, most of which are carcinogenic.  Must I say more?  Throw away the cigarettes.  Buy a gym membership and the best healthy organic food with the money you save.  You can't quit smoking without working out.  Do not buy junk food while trying to quit.   Eating a low (refined) carb diet with lots of vegetables, fruit, lean meats, and good fats like the Paleo diet should help keep you satisfied. 
  6. Radiation.  Mammograms and all medical x-rays do not prevent cancer.  They detect cancer.  Sometimes they actually cause cancer.  In addition, many surgeries are performed on tumors and cancers that would not have spread had the person not had surgery.  Mammography and x-rays (including body scans at the airport) increase your risk of cancer by increasing free-radicals in the body.  I prefer to use thermography rather than mammography because there is no cancer risk because radiation is not utilized.  If you must get x-rays of any kind, try to spread them out and eat seaweed (might want to hit the sushi bar after your mammogram) and take vitamin C immediately after the x-rays.
  7. Chemotherapy.  Chemotherapy is a poison meant to kill cancer cells but it also kills fast growing healthy cells and in turn weakening the immune system.  Chemo not only can destroy healthy organs and cause a multitude of life-long complications, it increases your risk of future cancers.  Do not be rushed into chemotherapy by your doctor.  Many cancers do not respond to chemo, so do your research.  If your doctor pressures you, then find another doctor.  He cares more about his vacation home.
  8. Lack of exercise.  Those who exercise not only have a much lower risk of getting cancer but also neurological disease such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. 
  9. Chemicals from products.  Fragrance products, cosmetics, hair dyes, body care products, nail polish remover, home cleaning products, pesticides, and herbicides. Replace all of these with natural products.  There is plenty of information on the web.
  10. Hysterectomy.  Having a hysterectomy at an age younger than 50 without natural hormone replacement increases your risk of breast cancer.  Hormones keep us young. Hysterectomies reduce female hormone production significantly and signals the body to die.  Sounds cruel but it is true.  If you had a hysterectomy, see a doctor who uses bio-identical hormones.  In the meantime, you can get progesterone cream (Emerita and Now have good products) and use it as prescribed.  Progesterone cream naturally increases both progesterone and estrogen in your body.  Progesterone cream is also helpful for those going through menopause.