Friday, September 13, 2013


Has your utility company switched your meter yet to a new "smart" meter?  If they have, they probably told you (if they even gave you the option to discuss it with them before replacing your analog meter) that the smart meter was no dangerous than a cell phone.  The local utility company has already made the rounds to my neighborhood.  And although I have opted-out, most of my neighbors did not.  I have a smart meter from each neighbor aiming toward my house.  I'm being radiated even though I have to pay fees to opt-out.  The utility company replaced my perfectly operating analog meter with a new one.  No one at the utility company could give me a good explanation why I need a new analog meter but they charged me $54 for it.  They are also charging me $9 per month to read my meter but so far have not done so.  They have estimated my bill for the past two months (since implementation).  

Aside from the health dangers of smart meters, they are an invasion of privacy.  With HAN technology, the utility companies will be able to know what you are doing throughout the day and night.  They will know when you are watching television, cooking, doing the laundry, using the dishwasher, blow drying your hair, turning on the air conditioner, and even more private activities.  As more and more appliances become "smart" in the future, Big Brother may be watching you.  Will this technology be used by the NSA or police departments?  Also keep in mind that your smart meter will be reading all these appliances throughout the day. Radiation will be pulsating from your smart meter to each appliance at least every 15 minutes.          

Watch the videos below and learn the real dangers of smart meters that your utility company won't tell you.  Learn what you can do to stop the implementation of one and what you can do to protect yourself if you already have one installed.

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Justin Chan said...

I have seen a few people using this smart meter. They told me that this smart meter was causing so much problem. So they have stopped using it.Merely it's Brain Damage. I too may not recommend it. Moreover the thanks for spreading Health & Fitness News. Its very informative.