Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Top Ten Causes of Breast Cancer

Does anyone really know the real causes of breast cancer?  If you are over 40, you probably know at least one person who has or had breast cancer.  If the person isn't healthy, then you you are probably not surprised.  However, if the person ate fairly well and got annual mammograms, you're left scratching your head wondering why.  Well here is list of the TOP TEN CAUSES OF BREAST CANCER.  Some may surprise you.
  1. Processed foods.   Many people don't think of the additives in their food, especially if they are consuming "healthy" frozen dinners or "diet" foods.  Many of these foods contain hydrogenated fats, MSG, and aspartame.  MSG and aspartame are excitotoxins.  If you don't know what excitotoxins are and would like to keep your brain and health, see my posting on excitotoxins.  Fried foods from fast food restaurants contain acylmaides (a known carcinogen).  Acrylmaides form during the frying of foods.  The crispier and darker the meat that you cook on the barbie, the more carcinogenic the meat.  This is only the tip of the iceberg.  There are many more additives in processed foods like GMO corn and GMO soy, food coloring, and artificial flavors.  
  2. Dairy products.  Dairy products in general are not good for you.  All diary products have hormones unless they are organic or specifically state they are made without hormones like Tillamook and Trader Joe's brands.  There are links between prostate and ovarian cancers and milk.  The evidence is conflicting when it comes to breast cancer.  My own evidence is enough.  When I stopped dairy for a while and started eating it again, my breasts would hurt (a sign of inceased estrogen) and this happened when I consumed the hormone-free versions.  I'd rather not take my chances and you shouldn't either.  You are not a baby calf so you do not need cow's milk.  If you must have milk, goat milk is much closer to human milk than cow's milk.  What about the calcium in milk?  Since milk is highly acidic, it draws calcium OUT of your bones, so the calcium in milk that you're getting is a wash at best.  Recent studies have shown that added calcium can collect and cause heart problems.  Do not take calcium supplements. Get out in the sun or take vitamin D and magnesium (most Americans are deficient in both) and eat greens like kale and broccoli every day for calcium.    
  3. Chronic stress.  Chronic stress has a hand in so many illnesses that I will need to write another post to fully explain.  In the meantime, reducing stress should be at the top of your list if you care about your health.  So many people spend years at jobs they have no passion and in relationships that aren't fulfilling just to drop dead months before retirement.  Don't be one of these people.  Start making changes today.  
  4. Plastic.  Food containers, drinking bottles, and the lining of canned foods contain plastic.  Plastics are endocrine receptors, meaning they increase estrogen in the body that increase your risk of all cancers but especially reproductive cancers.  
  5. Smoking cigarettes.  It is amazing that this should even be on a list.  We've know about the dangers of smoking for decades now.  Cigarettes have over a thousand chemicals, most of which are carcinogenic.  Must I say more?  Throw away the cigarettes.  Buy a gym membership and the best healthy organic food with the money you save.  You can't quit smoking without working out.  Do not buy junk food while trying to quit.   Eating a low (refined) carb diet with lots of vegetables, fruit, lean meats, and good fats like the Paleo diet should help keep you satisfied. 
  6. Radiation.  Mammograms and all medical x-rays do not prevent cancer.  They detect cancer.  Sometimes they actually cause cancer.  In addition, many surgeries are performed on tumors and cancers that would not have spread had the person not had surgery.  Mammography and x-rays (including body scans at the airport) increase your risk of cancer by increasing free-radicals in the body.  I prefer to use thermography rather than mammography because there is no cancer risk because radiation is not utilized.  If you must get x-rays of any kind, try to spread them out and eat seaweed (might want to hit the sushi bar after your mammogram) and take vitamin C immediately after the x-rays.
  7. Chemotherapy.  Chemotherapy is a poison meant to kill cancer cells but it also kills fast growing healthy cells and in turn weakening the immune system.  Chemo not only can destroy healthy organs and cause a multitude of life-long complications, it increases your risk of future cancers.  Do not be rushed into chemotherapy by your doctor.  Many cancers do not respond to chemo, so do your research.  If your doctor pressures you, then find another doctor.  He cares more about his vacation home.
  8. Lack of exercise.  Those who exercise not only have a much lower risk of getting cancer but also neurological disease such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. 
  9. Chemicals from products.  Fragrance products, cosmetics, hair dyes, body care products, nail polish remover, home cleaning products, pesticides, and herbicides. Replace all of these with natural products.  There is plenty of information on the web.
  10. Hysterectomy.  Having a hysterectomy at an age younger than 50 without natural hormone replacement increases your risk of breast cancer.  Hormones keep us young. Hysterectomies reduce female hormone production significantly and signals the body to die.  Sounds cruel but it is true.  If you had a hysterectomy, see a doctor who uses bio-identical hormones.  In the meantime, you can get progesterone cream (Emerita and Now have good products) and use it as prescribed.  Progesterone cream naturally increases both progesterone and estrogen in your body.  Progesterone cream is also helpful for those going through menopause.       

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