Friday, March 28, 2014


The fluoride added to water has never been proven to prevent cavities but has been accepted by the ADA for decades. But do dentists really know where fluoride comes from?
Fluoride added to drinking water is not the natural form found in our bodies as you are led to believe. It is actually hexafluorasilicic acid and sodium silicofluoride. Both these chemicals are waste products of the phosphate mining industry and considered hazardous waste by the EPA.  Before adding the the water supply, the phosphate industry allowed it into the environment where it killed crops and cattle. If fluoride kills crops and cattle, how can it be healthy to ingest?    Not knowing what to do with this hazardous waste, our government decided to add it to the municipal water supply to "prevent cavities". Instead, it is poisoning large populations. A great video to watch on the history and dangers of fluoride, watch the video Fluoride = Poison to Your Body by Mike Adams of
A newly published study in the Harvard's The Lancet says fluoridated water is adding to the higher incidents of both autism and ADHD or neurological damage. Fluoride accumulates in the blood stream and, like aspartame and other chemicals, can cross the blood-brain barrier. According to the article, fluoride can eventually make its way into the bones and organs causing cancer and cognitive (memory) problems. Fluoride can also pass into the placenta in pregnant women increasing risks of birth defects.
Babies fed excess fluoride get fluorosis which is white spotted , brown, and/or pitted teeth. If fluoride harms your teeth, what do you think it is doing to the health of your bones? Although the FDA has NEVER approved fluoride for water, it recommends children take supplements with fluoride in them. Never give your young children these poisonous supplements unless you want to ruin their teeth and bones for life. And do not add fluoridated water to baby formula or buy any baby food or drink with added fluoride.  They are already getting enough through baby food processed with fluoridated water.   

For more on the dangers of fluoride see Scientific Facts on the Biological Effects of Fluroide
Suggestions for better health without fluoride:

1. If your water is fluoridated, buy bottled water or get a filter that will filter the fluoride. Not all filters filter fluoride so read the fine print before purchasing.  
2. Do not buy baby food or drinks with added fluoride for your babies. In addition, drink non-fluoridated water if you are breast feeding. If you can, make your own baby food using non-fluoridated water.  Even organic processed baby food can be made with fluoridated water.

3. Use toothpaste with no fluoride or baking soda to brush teeth. Baking soda is a natural whitener so you save money on toothpaste and whiteners. Tom's and Trader Joe's both have non-fluoridated toothpastes.   

4. Learn about oil-pulling with coconut oil. Oil-pulling helps prevent cavities and gum disease.

5. Do not give vitamin supplements with fluoride to your children. This is far worse than just brushing with fluoridated toothpaste. It affects every organ in the body. 

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