Saturday, March 22, 2014


Do you think the U.S has the best health care system? You might want to look at the following graphs before you go blabbing your mouth off to all your international social media friends that we do. 

Will ObamaCare improve on our standing in the world or make it worse?
Does the government ever do anything more efficiently than private industry? So far ObamaCare has been a disaster. 5 million people have signed up but almost that amount have lost their insurance. Plus the never ending lies from the Obama administration  should tell you that 5 million figure is probably not accurate. It is estimated that 20-30 percent may have investigated but never paid for their premiums due to sticker shock. In addition, most of the people who have signed up either have pre-existing conditions, qualify for Medicaid, or are unhealthy, low income or retired people in the 55-64 age range therefore qualifying for highly subsidized plans or Medicaid. That means if you are not someone who is getting free insurance through ObamaCare or someone with a pre-existing condition whose monthly medical costs are higher than your free or highly subsidized plan, then you are screwed. If you are healthy and making a good living then you will pay for all the people who didn't take care of their health and those with low income for whatever reason. You will be punished for making good decisions in your life. Taking care of yourself and working hard to make a good salary or run a successful business has its downfalls. You will pay higher premiums, higher deductibles, and higher taxes than you did prior to the UNAffordable Care Act. Welcome to socialism at its greatest. 

People who caught a bad break in life or people who have illness not due to their own fault especially children are a small portion of the signups. Sharing in those costs are not the problem but it should your choice. I am talking about people who smoked, drank, lived on junk food, and sat on their butt their whole lives and now have diabetes, heart problems, obesity problems, etc. Now these people expect the government to cover their costs. By doing this, the government is taking from the healthy middle class.  

Now what is going to happen when many middle class families who are making a decent income but are not rich go without health insurance because they cannot afford double to triple the monthly premiums? In addition, ObamaCare premiums will skyrocket because insurance companies are forced to insure everyone no matter the risk and not enough young and/or healthy people are signing up. Not only will many middle class families have to forego health insurance, when they need medical care, their costs will be much higher.  Why? The costs of doing business for doctors and hospitals will increase due to the burden of additional regulations. Hospitals and doctors will receive lower reimbursements for Medicare if they do not comply.  

If higher premiums were not enough, many hardworking people are losing their full-time job or are being forced into part-time work because their employer can't afford to pay the increased costs of ObamaCare. Businesses must offer health insurance to any worker who works 30 or more hours per week. The answer, reduce employees to cover the costs or reduce all employees hours to 29 per week. According to the Joe Biden, this is a good thing. Many Americans want to work part-time and have more time with family and friends. Don't you agree? This is now a blessing in disguise. The Obama administration is deciding what is good for you. You may not be able to pay you health insurance premiums because your hours were cut or buy enough food to feed your family but at least you have more time with your family.

Some will look down (mostly liberals) on the companies that cut hours as selfish. How dare they reduce employees hours? The people that make these comments have never run a company. They have no clue what costs are forced upon companies including licensing, payroll taxes, income taxes, state taxes, property taxes or rent, inventory, office equipment, salaries, liability insurance, property insurance, and health insurance. For many companies, opting-out of ObamaCare through reducing hours or keeping ObamaCare and eliminating some workers to pay for it is the only way they can survive.   

Why do we think the government can do a better job at healthcare than private industry? Are we really better off since almost 5 million people LOST their insurance due to ObamaCare? We spent a horrific amount of money and we are back to where we started. 
Maybe if the government stayed out of healthcare in the first place insurance companies would be more competitive. Just like the utility companies, if they are they only game in town, they can increase prices as high as they please and there is nothing you can do. Even better would to get rid of insurance all together. Within a short time medical costs would plummet and everyone would be able to afford them without insurance. Why would costs plummet? Doctors and hospitals would not have to deal with the enormous costs of dealing with insurance companies and all their regulations. Doctors and hospitals have many full-time employees whose only job is to fill submit insurance claims. Secondly, if everyone paid cash and you could go to any hospital or doctor you wanted, competition between doctors and between hospital would naturally push costs lower to get your business. This is Economics 101.

If it is that simple, why are we not doing it? Because the government has allowed insurance companies to get so powerful that it is difficult to distinguish where the insurance companies end and where the government begins. Secondly, the healthcare industry is 15% or more of our GDP (Gross domestic product). Therefore, eliminating insurance would send us into another great recession. It would be painful but over with in a couple of years. Our government officials aren't willing to do that because it would make them look bad (not sure how they could look worse). Plus, CONgress receives money and gifts from insurance companies and lobbyists.  It's difficult to give up benefits but you are expected to give up your lifestyle to either pay for higher premiums or pay high medical costs and penalties if you opt-out, pay higher taxes and maybe even lose your job or hours. Whose interest are your representatives looking out for when they voted in the UNaffordable Care Act without reading it?  

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James Lackie said...

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Donna said...

Thanks. I will definitely check it out.