Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines

Natural Blaze
On November 1st, 2014, thousands of nurses nationwide will march in protest against mandatory vaccines. Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines members will be marching and demonstrating peacefully in their home towns to protest firings, forced vaccination, loss of income, loss of privacy, etc. and informing private citizens of the truth about flu vaccines, and the truth about the 90% rule.

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Monday, November 3, 2014

The Negative Effects of Cortisol

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Cortisol is a hormone that is absolutely crucial for life. Without it we would not be able to survive. However, when we live in chronic strain, worry, and stress the adrenal glands produce relatively high amounts of cortisol.

The problem with cortisol is that our bodies are not meant to be exposed to these relatively high amounts for long periods of time. However, many people who have stress as an obstacle to cure are experiencing the negative effects of cortisol.

1. High cortisol decreases immunity. Cortisol is a corticosteroid and like prednisone, cortisone, and beclomethasone, it inhibits the actions of white blood cells. Initially, this usually leads to increased susceptibility to infections. Eventually, this may actually lead to long stretches of time without colds because the immune system is so weakened.