Friday, June 26, 2015

Video by Paul McCartney: "If Slaughter Houses Had Glass Walls Everyone Would be a Vegetarian"

What kind of people work in slaughter houses and on factory farms? Are they tested to be psychopaths because I don't know how you can abuse an animal or watch an animal suffer like these people do. I used to say if I had to kill my food I would be a vegetarian because I couldn't do it. I was a vegetarian for 10 years and quit because I was talked into eating meat by a holistic doctor who believed it was much healthier as long as you eat "organic." Unfortunately, even animals raised organically live shorter lives and must go to a slaughter house. Organic only means the animal must be given organic feed and no antibiotics or hormones. It doesn't mean the animal won't be abused. Organic chicken farms still kill male chicks by sending them through a grinder while still alive or the more "humane" way of spraying poison on them until they suffocate. Free-range doesn't mean anything because unless it also says organic, these places aren't regulated. Even organically raised chickens may only get an hour of sunshine a day.

Same with dairy. I thought I could still eat organic milk and cheese because no animal has to die. Well, that's what I used to think. Males born to dairy cows are castrated (without anesthesia) and raised for veal or beef. If raised for veal, they are put in a small area where their legs are tied so are unable to move. You see, this keeps the meat tender. They are slaughtered before they are a month old.

Here's another lovely video brought to you an uncover investigation.

Here's a question: How healthy can it be to eat an animal that has been endured so much suffering? Non-organically raised animals are just toxic but even organically raised must have extremely high cortisol levels throughout their lives and even higher when slaughtered. Then we eat them. 

After watching the above videos, I have vowed to no longer eat meat, eggs, or dairy products or to buy leather or anything made from an animal. I don't want even one animal to suffer and live a horrible, tortured short life because of me. What do you think? Anyone want to join me?  


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