Monday, January 11, 2016

Videos: Methane Leak Causes Environmental Disaster at Porter Ranch, CA

The video below includes shots of the disaster and Erin Brockovich's assessment on the situation. She explains how So. Cal. Gas Co. removed safety measures and failed to replace them. She explains how just bad this leak is to the environment.

What the FRACK is going on at Porter Ranch, CA? For those of you who are unaware, there is a runaway methane gas leak at Porter Ranch, CA that's been going on for three months. According to some reports, methane is being spewed into the air at 1,200 tons per day.  Porter Ranch is just north of Los Angeles. The methane gas leak is a result of fracking operations in the area. Doctors in the Porter Ranch area are seeing many people with weird infections and nose bleeds, and veterinarians are noticing an increase in sick pets. Doctors are telling patients to move. LA is in a basin. I would have to believe that the plume would eventually affect the whole LA basin. Millions of people live in LA. What if there is a large earthquake? Southern Cal. Gas expects to fix the leak by the end of March.

Fracking is a huge environmental risk for many reasons but the fracking industry tells us it's safe. Fracking has caused earthquakes everywhere there are fracking operations. Oklahoma is experiencing a significant amount of earthquakes since fracking operations began there. Some of these earthquakes have been over 4.0 in magnitude. 

Where is Obama, the fake POTUS environmentalist? Why is this disaster being ignored? You and I will be charged a carbon tax for driving our cars one day soom, but these corporations, whose employees cut corners for the bottom line, what will happen to them?  

Here's another video gives you a good picture of how bad the methane is spewing out and the pollution in the Porter Ranch area. The narrator is pretty angry and I have to believe it's the sentiment of most people dealing with this horrible disaster every day.

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