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You could also add to the above infographic the following:

Bulls born to dairy cows are taken from their mother, castrated (frequently without anesthetic or pain medicine), and put in small quarters where they can't move (some are even chained). A couple of months later they are slaughtered for veal.

Male baby chicks born to hens used for eggs are thrown away with the trash (alive) or ground up (alive) for feed for other livestock or used for dog food. Male chicks from organically raised chickens are no different.   

Yes, it is great to be a farm animal in the United States.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Study Links Benadryl To Dementia And Memory Loss – 4 NATURAL Allergy Remedies


By Michelle Toole (Holistic Living Health)

With Spring coming, there’s a lot to look forward to. I’m looking forward to getting started with my garden for the year. But that’s also part of what I’m dreading the most. Since I was a child, I’ve had a bad allergy to tree pollen. The runny nose, the itching, the sneezing – I was born with the whole package! If you suffer from seasonal allergies, I’m sure you know my pain.
But before you reach over for the Benadryl, there are somethings you should know.

Friday, February 19, 2016

New Evidence Suggests Monsanto Larvicide Is To Blame For Birth Defects in Brazil

Zika virus may not be the culprit in huge increase in microcephaly cases but, rather, Monsanto larvicide used in Brazilian water supply.
Credit: The Odyssey Online
Credit: The Odyssey Online

A group of Argentine doctors, who call themselves Physicians in Crop-Sprayed Towns, has released a new report that is raising questions about the real cause of microcephaly in Brazil. Until now, the leading cause has been speculated and reported to be the Zika virus, a common virus spread by mosquitoes in the area, but many have questioned the validity of this claim.
The new report states that the true cause of the recent and alarming rise in cases of microcephaly, a congenital defect that causes abnormally small heads and incomplete brain development in babies, is a Monsanto larvicide that has been distributed throughout the affected areas since 2014.
The larvicide is produced and sold by Sumitomo Chemical, a partner of Monsanto’s. In an unusual fashion, since insecticides are typically sprayed on crops, the larvicide Pyriproxyfen was actually being added to Brazil’s water supply in an effort to combat the larva of mosquitos that carry the Zika virus.

Monday, February 8, 2016



By Brandon Turbeville

In an era where lead, bacteria, fracking and Fukushima are all competing to see which can be the most destructive to clean drinking water supplies in the United States, a new contender has emerged – the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant in New York. This is because radioactive water leaking from Indian Point has reportedly contaminated the groundwater surrounding the facility.
A statement issued from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office revealed that,
“Radioactive tritium contaminated water leaked into the groundwater” beneath the facility. What’s more, Indian Point sits on the bank of the Hudson river and is only 25 miles north of New York city.
The owner of Indian Point, Entergy, “reported alarming levels of radioactivity at three monitoring wells, with one well’s radioactivity increasing nearly 65,000 percent. The facility reports that the contamination has not migrated off site and as such does not pose an immediate threat to public health.”

The governor described the leak as unacceptable and stated that an investigation would be conducted by the New York department of environmental conservation and Department of Health “to determine the extent of the release, it’s likely duration, cause and potential impacts to the environment and public health.”

The Guardian reports that there have been many tritium leaks at Indian Point in recent years, although the one that occurred on February 6th appears to be the most serious.

Image: The Entergy-owned Indian Point Energy Center sits on the banks of the Hudson River, 25 miles north of New York City. (Photo: Hope Abrams/cc/flickr)
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Television: Best Tool for Brainwashing

If you doubt me, think about one important choice that you have made recently that was not in some way influenced by something that you have seen on television. I bet you can’t think of one. That’s how controlled you are.Editor's Comment: Below is an excellent article I found at It is about the dangers of watching television, especially the brainwashing aspect of it. My family mostly uses the television to watch DVDs taken out from the local library. Other then that, I do watch the morning talk shows, world news, and a couple of sitcoms during the week. I do not have a paid service. No cable, no satellite, no dish, no streaming services. I have a converter box and antenna. But after reading the following article, I'm going to get rid of the converter box and antenna. And I'm going to be much more selective with what I get from the library. Even movies have propaganda. I do notice when I watch the world news that it just angers me because it is mostly propaganda. Just because I know that doesn't mean I'm not being brainwashed. The part that worries me the most is children watching television. What we thought was unacceptable or immoral 20 or 30 years ago is now accepted without question. So I'm done. Read the article and let me know if you will join me. There are many benefits to eliminating television. Here are a few: (1) save money from cable or other subscriptions, (2) more time to get projects completed, (3) more time with family and friends, (4) more time for reading, (5) more time for cooking healthier meals, (6) lose weight -- those who watch TV weigh more than those who don't, (7) more successful -- the more TV you watch, the less successful you are likely to be, and (8) improve cognitive function -- those who watch TV over time have poorer memories.  

Television: Brainwashing You Softly

Lonnie Wolfe  |  New Federalist V6, #29 via Hack Canada
Originally published October 23, 2012

Hey buddy, I’m talking to you. Yes, you, the guy sitting in front of the television. Turn down the sound a bit, so that you can hear what I am saying.
Now, try to concentrate on what I am going to say. I want to talk to you about your favorite pastime. No, it’s not baseball or football, although it does have something to do with your interest in spectator sports. I’m talking about what you were just doing: watching television.
Do you have any idea about how much time you spend in front of the television set? According to the latest studies, the average American now spends between five and six hours a day watching television. Let’s put that in perspective: that is more time than you spend doing anything else but sleeping or working, if you are lucky enough to still have a job. That’s more time than you spend eating, more time than you spend with your wife alone, more time than with the kids.
It’s even worse with your children. According to these same studies, young children below school age watch more than eight hours each day. School age children watch a little under eight hours a day. In 1980, the average 20-year-old had watched the equivalent of 14 months of television in his or her brief lifetime. That’s 14 months, 24 hours a day. More recent figures show that the numbers have climbed: the 20-year-old has spent closer to two full years of his or her life in front of the television set.

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The following is excerpted from an article by Dr. Mercola posted April 22, 2013
Cancer is the disease Americans fear most,1 and understandably so since it's responsible for nearly one out of every four deaths in the US.2 Adding to its stigma, cancer diagnosis and treatment are the moneymakers in this industry – and also the focus of most government-funded cancer campaigns.
Comparatively little is done in the way of prevention education, leaving many feeling powerless against this potentially deadly disease – as though all you can do is cross your fingers and hope you don't become one of the quickly growing cancer statistics. What a relief it should be to learn that prevention strategies not only exist, but also are remarkably effective at lowering your risk of most types of cancer.
"More than half of all cancer deaths could be prevented by making healthy choices like not smoking, staying at a healthy weight, eating right, keeping active, and getting recommended screening tests."3
This quote is taken directly from the American Cancer Society, and it should be eye-opening and empowering if you're not yet aware that cancer prevention starts, first and foremost, with you and, as the featured article explains, your home.
1. Optimize Your Vitamin D. If you want to slash your risk of cancer, it's essential that you spend adequate time in the sun or a safe tanning bed, or if that's not possible supplement with proper amounts of vitamin D3.

2. Avoid Eating Excess Protein. Most of us eat far too much protein. Consider reducing your protein levels to one gram per kilogram of lean body weight unless you are in competitive athletics or are pregnant. It would be unusual for most adults to need more than 100 grams of protein and most likely need close to half that amount. This may come as a surprise, as we've been told for decades how important protein is for your health, but the truth is that excessive protein intake can have a great impact on cancer growth.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Erin Brockovich Tells Stephen Colbert: ‘Flint, Michigan Is the Tip of the Iceberg’

By John Vibes

Environmental activist Erin Brockovich has been speaking out about the lead contaminated water in Flint, Michigan, and saying that this is a widespread problem that exists across the country. Last week, Brockovich appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to share her thoughts on the issue, and explained what she learned when she sent a team to investigate the water in Flint.
Brockovich also spoke about how this crisis extends far beyond Flint.

 “I can tell you that Flint, Michigan is the tip of the iceberg. I can tell you for certain that this is a national crisis that we are not getting ready to face. The crisis is already here. Even since Flint has hit the national stage, we’ve found out that Sebring, Ohio has the same problem … The same thing is happening in Louisiana, and we’re just now hearing rumors—I haven’t verified it before I came out—we’re having the same situation in Wisconsin,” Brockovich said.

Recent estimates have indicated that it could take up to 15 years and over $60 million to fix the problem, and the residents will be essentially forced to live there until the problem is solved. Despite the fact that the issue is obviously the government’s responsibility, they have made it illegal for people to sell their homes because of the fact that they are known to carry contaminated water. Meanwhile, residents are still left to purchase bottled water on their own, in addition to paying their water bill.
Brockovich is best known for building a case against the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) of California in 1993. Since then she has been a world-renowned environmental activist, and has even had a movie made about her activism, starring Julia Roberts.

Just this week it was reported that the town of Sebring, Ohio is currently experiencing a crisis identical to what residents are facing in Flint. As with Flint, officials in Sebring are rushing to cover up their part in the situation, and there is extensive evidence that the local government had full knowlege of how dangerous the water was. The EPA has accused local officials of providing “misleading, inaccurate or false reports” about the quality of water in the city.

Watch the full interview with Brockovich below:


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