Monday, January 2, 2017


According to a study by the American Heart Association, a high-protein diet, especially protein from meat is linked to risk of heart failure in women over 50. Protein from vegetables did not have the same effect. This is another good reason to cut down on animal protein and increase vegetable protein.
How do you do this? Studies have shown that people who cut down slowly are more successful than people who go cold "turkey." Poultry is healthier than red meat (beef), so start with substituting red meat with organic poultry and then substituting organic poultry with legumes. Instead of eating a beef and cheese burrito, have a chicken and cheese burrito. Instead of eating a chicken and cheese burrito, have a bean and brown rice burrito. A more heart-healthy burrito is one with beans, brown rice, and avocado (instead of cheese). Substitute beef burgers with turkey burgers and then substitute turkey burgers with veggie burgers. Substitute chicken or ground meat with lentils in soups. Add a little reduced-sodium, organic-chicken or vegetable bullion for the flavor. Better Than Bouillon was rated the best by America's Test Kitchen. Stay away from non-organic brands. They are likely to have MSG, genetically-modified organisms, and other additives 

This is a good start to a healthier diet. Have a happy, healthy New Year everyone!

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