Thursday, February 16, 2017


Family Study of Essential Tremor   (FASET II)  

Dr. Elan Louis and colleagues at Yale University along with Dr. Lorraine Clark at Columbia University have teamed together for an important research project "FASET II", to try to identify the genes that are responsible for ET. They are calling on the assistance of the ET community to help them complete this groundbreaking research, which at the moment is the largest NIH-funded project of its kind. The help of the ET community is vital.
Eligible families would comply with the following criteria:
  1. There are at least 3 living affected family members and at least 2 living unaffected family members. These 5 family members must be 18 years and older and do not have any accompanying dystonia or Parkinson's disease.
  2. One of these 5 family members has been diagnosed by a doctor as having ET, and his or her tremor had started by the time he or she was 50 years old.
  3. Each family member is willing to donate a blood sample, answer some questionnaires, and undergo a videotaped neurological exam during a home visit that will take place in each of your homes. Each interview will last approximate 2 hours.
  4. This is a nationwide study, in which the researchers will travel to meet with qualified participants individually. There are no costs associated with participation.
Age 18 and over 
Geographic Location National 
Diagnostic Groups ET only; or unaffected relatives 
Other Requirements In-person clinical assessment
(can be done at home);
Blood sample for DNA analysis 
Resources 203-785-6832 or

If you are interested, call 203-785-6832 or email

**If you have already signed up for or inquired about this study in the past, please disregard this notice.**

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