I am a naturopath and certified nutritional consultant.  My educational background includes a Doctor of Naturopathy degree, Masters in Business Administration (M.B.A.), and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management.  I have many hobbies including cooking, gardening, and photography.  I have earned a certificate in cooking techniques from the local culinary center.   I love reading and read an average of one book per week.  Topics usual include nutrition, health, simplicity, gardening, finance, business, history, and the occasional fiction for fun. I will continue to learn and read until I no longer exist on this planet. 

Naturopathy is the study of natural health.  Naturopaths were around long before conventional doctors of today. Those trained in this field use nutrition including supplements (herbs, vitamins, minerals, homeopathy, flower essences, and aromatherapy), water, movement, air, and rest to help an individual improve their health.  These are called classical traditional naturopaths, classical naturopaths, or traditional naturopaths because they do NOT diagnose, prescribe drugs or perform surgery.  Another type of naturopath is a N.M.D. (Naturopathic Medical Doctors).  N.M.D.s have a conventional medical training with emphasis in naturopathy, that is they combine allopathic with naturopathic methods.  N.M.D.s diagnose, prescribe drugs and perform surgery.   If a naturopath has the designation ND after their name for naturopathic doctor, you should ask them if they are a traditional naturopath or a medical doctor if not stated anywhere.  I am a traditional naturopath, therefore, I do not diagnose, prescribe drugs, or perform surgery.  My course work included naturopathy, biology, anatomy and physiology, homeopathy, herbology, nutrition (several courses), physical movement, women's health issues, cancer prevention, alternative approaches to arthritis, holistic animal care, and detoxification.  I educate clients in improving their health through natural and holistic methods. 

I started this blog because I am passionate about natural and holistic health and wanted my clients to have a place to go for health information (saves on paper and trees) and health news. My blog is, however, open to anyone to read.

You may contact me at the following address or email.    

Donna Gagnon, ND, CNC
P.O. Box 34291
Reno, Nevada  89533